Propylene oxide price goes up in June

1、 Price trend of propylene oxide


(Figure: P value curve of propylene oxide product)


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2、 Market analysis


As of June 28, the average price quoted by propylene oxide enterprises was 10100 yuan / ton, up 13.06% compared with June 1 (8933.33 yuan / ton) and 7.83% higher than that of the same period last year, according to the data of the bulk list of business associations.


In the first half of June, the average quotation price of propylene oxide enterprises on the first half of June was 8933.33 yuan / ton. Due to the rise of raw material price and the support of new downstream orders, the price of propylene oxide stopped falling and began to rise. The cost support was strong, the factory inventory was not under pressure, and there was rigid replenishment demand in the downstream. On the 5th day, the price rose to 9166.67 yuan / ton, with an increase of 2.61% in the week. On August 8, the average quoted price of propylene oxide enterprises was 9400 yuan / T, and the raw material propylene market declined slightly. However, some propylene oxide manufacturers decreased the burden and the on-site supply decreased. Under the fear of rising downstream, new orders were added and the supply side supported the manufacturers to support the market. As the price of raw propylene continued to decline, there was no inventory pressure in the propylene oxide plant for the time being, and some units were planned to be overhauled After the daily price rose to 9800 yuan / ton, it remained stable from 12 to 15 days. The lower reaches were resistant to high price raw materials, and the wait-and-see attitude was strengthened, with an increase of 9.70% in half a month.


In the second half of June, the average quotation price of propylene oxide enterprises was 9800 yuan / ton on June 16, and the supply decreased to support the manufacturers’ market mentality. The downstream follow-up was general, and the standstill was arranged. The upstream raw material prices rose, the cost support was strengthened, and the downstream purchasing enthusiasm became weak. However, there was no inventory pressure for the propylene oxide manufacturers. After the price of propylene oxide rose to 10000 yuan / ton, the price remained stable on the 19th Main, up 2.04% in the week. On the 22nd, the average price quoted by oxypropane enterprises was 10000 yuan / ton. The propylene oxide manufacturers had no pressure to ship for the time being. The mentality of price support remained. The enthusiasm of the downstream to pursue the rise was general. Before the festival, there was a small amount of replenishment demand. On the 23rd, the market price of propylene oxide rose slightly to 10100 yuan / T. on the 24th, the market trading rhythm slowed down, the manufacturers stood firm and the price was temporarily stable. On the 28th, the price of raw material propylene was stable The average price of propylene oxide enterprises is 10100 yuan / ton, which is 3.06% higher than that on June 16.


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On June 28, the market price of upstream propylene in Shandong area rebounded slightly. According to the price of business agency, Shandong propylene market increased by about 250 yuan / ton in a week at the beginning of June, and there was an obvious correction in the price in the middle of June, with a cumulative decrease of 350 yuan / ton in the seven days of the second week. From June 14 in the middle of the month, the price stopped falling again and rose again. Last Friday, June 19, the price had risen 350-450 yuan / ton. The price remained stable at the weekend, falling about 250 yuan / ton from the 22nd to the 26th. After the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, the price rose again from the 27th. Today, it continued to rise by 50 yuan / ton. Now the market transaction is between 6730 and 7000 yuan / ton, and the mainstream price is about 6750 yuan / ton. Propylene manufacturers are now under reduced inventory pressure, some units are out of service, crude oil prices have risen slightly, and the purchasing enthusiasm of downstream market has slightly increased. It is expected that propylene prices will rise slightly in recent days, which will have a certain positive support for propylene oxide.


According to the price monitoring data of business agency, as of June 28, the reference average price of domestic n-propanol with packaging in mainstream areas was around 11900 yuan / ton, which was 6.57% higher than that on June 1. As of June 28, the downstream soft foam polyether was in a standstill, and the price of raw material propylene oxide was temporarily stable, and the cost side was under pressure. However, the downstream gas purchase was cold and the wait-and-see atmosphere was strong, and the follow-up of new orders in the market was limited.


3、 Future forecast


In the near future, propylene oxide prices will be stable, but analysts are still expected to keep a firm mind on propylene oxide prices in the near future Market transactions.

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