Aluminum fluoride price rebounded in late June

The upstream fluorite and hydrofluoric acid prices rose slightly, which stimulated the price rise of aluminum fluoride. Some aluminum fluoride manufacturers raised the export price of aluminum fluoride by 1000 yuan / ton. According to business agency data, the domestic price of aluminum fluoride on June 30 was 8833.33 yuan / ton, up 3.92% from June 21.


Gamma Polyglutamic Acid

The spot supply of fluorite in China is a little tight, and some manufacturers have obvious intention to raise the price. Domestic hydrofluoric acid spot supply is normal, hydrofluoric acid on-site device operation is stable, hydrofluoric acid market price rose slightly. However, some manufacturers reported that hydrofluoric acid still exists in the cracks, and some manufacturers still have losses.


However, some domestic electrolytic aluminum production capacity has not fully recovered since the end of March. Downstream demand did not improve, aluminum fluoride market continued to perform weak.


Aluminum fluoride analysts believe that: upstream fluorite, hydrofluoric acid market prices appear upward trend, aluminum fluoride prices or follow the upward trend.

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