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Sodium metabisulfite prices fell slightly this week (6.10-6.14)

I. Price Trend Chart of Sodium Pyrosulfite in China

According to the monitoring of business associations, the domestic price of sodium pyrosulfite continued to decline slightly this week. The average price of industrial sodium pyrosulfite at the beginning of the week was 1966.67 yuan/ton, while the average price at the end of the week was 1933.33 yuan/ton, down 1.70%.

II. Market Analysis

Product: This week, the market price of sodium pyrosulfite continues to be weak at the bottom. The market price range of industrial grade sodium pyrosulfite is 1800-2100 yuan/ton. Most of the prices are concentrated in the vicinity of 1950 yuan/ton. Enterprises have stable production, relatively adequate inventory, mainly to complete the orders of old customers, new orders increase is limited, the overall fast-in and fast-out. (The above prices refer to the foreign quotations of the mainstream domestic enterprises, some of which are not reported for the time being. The prices are for reference only. They have nothing to do with the final pricing of the manufacturers. For details, please contact the manufacturers for consultation.

sodium persulfate

Industry chain: Soda price continued to be weak in the upstream this week, and sulfur price rose slightly. Overall, processing costs are still relatively low and fluctuated slightly. It is difficult to support the rebound of domestic sodium pyrosulfite price.

3. Future Market Forecast

Business analysts believe that the peak demand season has not yet arrived, processing costs continue to be low, trade entities are cautious in purchasing and selling, and the domestic market price of sodium pyrosulfite is warming and pressured in the short term.

The NBR market overall declined this week (6.10-6.14)

Price Trend


This week (6.10-6.14) the price of NBR declined weakly. At the beginning of the week, the average price of NBR was 18,800 yuan/ton, and at the end of the week, the average price of NBR was 18,500 yuan/ton, down 1.6%.

II. Market Trend Analysis

Product supply and demand: This week, the domestic nitrile butadiene plant is running normally. According to the business association, Lanzhou Petrochemical’s 65,000 tons/year plant has been started normally, 15,000 tons/year nitrile butadiene plant has been converted to military industry, and 50,000 tons/year nitrile butadiene plant has started to produce 3305E/3308E. At present, nitrile butadiene rubber 3305E is reported to 17700 yuan/ton, N41E is reported to 17200 yuan/ton, 3308E is reported to 182 yuan/ton, and the price is sold; Ningbo Shunze’s 65,000 tons/year assembly. For production, 28 and 33 series NBR have stable ex-factory prices, currently reported at around 18,500 yuan/ton; 41 series NBR implements a single talk policy. Demand downstream is weak, traders follow the market to deliver goods, the market has a certain drag.

Industry chain: raw material butadiene prices fell slightly this week, the cost of NBR price formation negative. Butadiene dropped 2.33% at 8,590 yuan/ton at the beginning of the week and 8,390 yuan/ton at the end of the week, according to the business association.

sodium persulfate

3. Prospects for the Future Market

Xu Xiaokun, an analyst with business associations, believes that on the one hand, the decline in raw material butadiene prices has created a negative impact on the NBR market; on the other hand, the overall market demand is weak, and the price of NBR in the future is expected to show a weak state.

DMF market fell this week (6.2-6.6)

Price Trend

According to data from business associations, the market of DMF fell this week, with the average price of DMF at the beginning of the week being 4500.00 yuan/ton, and the average price of DMF at the end of the week being 4416.67 yuan/ton, a decline of 1.85%. Current prices fell by 37.20% compared with last year.

II. Market Analysis

Products: DMF market fell this week, mainstream manufacturers in East China quoted between 4400 and 4600 yuan / ton, mainstream manufacturers in Guangdong at 4700 yuan / ton. The DMF plant of Tetramethylene Chemical Company stopped for maintenance on May 24. DMF stocks are abundant and prices are falling.

sodium persulfate

Industry chain: The upstream methanol market was affected by macro and port inventory. The price at the beginning of the week was 2334.00 yuan/ton, and at the end of the week was 2234.00 yuan/ton, a decline of 4.28%. The start-up rate of domestic pulp manufacturers fell, purchasing attitudes were low, and DMF prices fell.

3. Future Market Forecast

The upstream methanol market has been declining recently, but the downstream demand is general, so business associations DMF product analysts believe that the short-term DMF market is mainly weak consolidation.

In May, China’s domestic aggregated MDI market “plummeted all the way”

Price Trend

Domestic aggregated MDI market continued to decline. According to the sample data monitored by business associations, the average market price of aggregated MDI was 17 750 yuan/ton at the beginning of the month, and 13 625 yuan/ton at the end of the month. The price of aggregated MDI fell 23.24% in the month, which was 15.48% lower than that of the same period last year.

II. Market Analysis

Products: Domestic aggregate MDI market prices fell sharply all the way in May. Ring prices fell by about 5,000 yuan/ton from the end of April. At present, the market price is around 12,500 yuan/ton for Shanghai goods and 13,500 yuan/ton for Wanhua goods. Compared with the “boom” in January-April, the market fell into a lonely “lick wound” state in May. After the return of May holidays, the market began to explore the mode, the social inventory is large, the number of people selling goods is larger than the number of buyers, the demand consumption situation is very poor, the market turnover is very bad under the mentality of buying up and not buying down. Despite the subsequent introduction of a stop-drop policy by BASF manufacturers to adjust the guiding price, Wanhua manufacturers “silently”, and Koth founders “go their own way” continue to reduce the weekly guiding price, falling at an unstoppable rate. Towards the end of the month, with the publication of listing prices, manufacturers have little market intentions, business mentality generally returns to rationality, the hard bubble off-season in June is approaching gradually, maintenance devices are returning to production, new sources of market “surge” into the market, coupled with a large number of social stocks accumulated in the first half of the year, downstream demand consumption is much worse than in previous years, and aggregated MDI market prices are expected to face succession again. Continue to explore the possibilities and watch the latest developments of manufacturers and businesses.

Industry chain: raw materials, pure benzene: the price of pure benzene oscillated upward in the month. Earlier this month, the impact of Tehrer’s comments in the United States, commodity prices and oil prices fell, leading to a weakening of the focus of pure benzene, East China once fell below 4400 yuan per ton. In mid-month, Hengli’s shipment tended to be stable, which compensated for the reduction in maintenance of Northwest equipment. The price of East China remained stable near 4500 yuan/ton. Affected by industry meetings, market turnover is weak. In late January, the decline of port stocks gave the market an opportunity to speculate. Meanwhile, the large increase in external prices also supported the domestic pure benzene rise.

sodium persulfate

Industry: According to the price monitoring of business associations, in May 2019, there were 21 commodities rising annually in the chemical sector, of which 9 commodities increased by more than 5%, accounting for 12.2% of the monitored commodities in the sector. The top three commodities were epichlorohydrin (11.73%), nitric acid (9.51%) and butadiene (9.15%). There are 48 kinds of products with a decline of more than 5%, accounting for 31.1% of the monitored products in this sector. The products with the first three declines are hydrochloric acid (-60.56%), sulfuric acid (-42.25%) and TDI (-26.21%). This month’s average rise and fall was -3.9%.

3. Future Market Forecast

Business Cooperative Perspective: The market is constantly emerging, the demand side is difficult to get better, and most of the future market prices are expected to decline negatively. Business Aggregate MDI analysts expect that short-term domestic aggregate MDI market prices are mainly weak consolidation, closely watching the market turnover and MDI related products market situation.

China’s Domestic Hydrofluoric Acid Market Tends to Stable on June 4

On June 3, the hydrofluoric acid commodity index was 104.81, up 0.18 points from yesterday, down 25.36% from the peak of 140.43 points in the cycle (2018-02-21), and up 95.58% from the low of 53.59 points on November 30, 2016. (Note: Period refers to 2011-09-01 to date)

According to statistics, the price trend of domestic hydrofluoric acid market rose on the 4th. Up to now, the domestic market price of hydrofluoric acid is 11550 yuan/ton. The domestic start-up rate of hydrofluoric acid is less than 60%. Enterprises reflect that the supply of hydrofluoric acid on the spot is tight at present. Recently, the market situation of hydrofluoric acid has improved. Due to the higher raw material fluorite, some hydrofluoric acid manufacturers have raised the ex-factory price, and the market price trend of hydrofluoric acid is on the rise. Rise. At present, the mainstream of hydrofluoric acid negotiations in the southern region is about 11,000-11,500 yuan/ton, while the price of hydrofluoric acid in the northern market is 11,500-12,000 yuan/ton. Domestic hydrofluoric acid market prices increased, spot supply decreased slightly, but demand did not change very much, the price trend of hydrofluoric acid Market rose.

Recent downstream refrigerant products start at a low level, the upstream fluorite and hydrofluoric acid demand is general, the recent downstream refrigerant trading market is general, hydrofluoric acid product price shocks. Recent downstream refrigerant market transactions have improved, R22 refrigerant plant surface started at 60%, R22 market device start-up rate is temporarily stable, the main production enterprise bulk water factory offer price is between 18500-19500 yuan/ton, but the production enterprise does not have bulk water spot, mainly a small number of cylinders shipment. In addition, the actual demand side of the market has not changed much, and the delivery market has increased. The domestic market price trend of R134a is not good, the start-up rate of production enterprises remains low, the refrigerant market demand is general, and the manufacturers mainly export their products. However, the on-site transaction price has not changed much. Businessmen purchase on demand. Recently, due to the shortage of supply, the price trend of hydrofluoric acid market has risen.

sodium persulfate

Refrigerant on-site transactions are general, refrigerant industry equipment start-up rate remains low, for upstream hydrofluoric acid market demand is normal, but the spot supply of hydrofluoric acid is tight, Business Analyst Chen Ling believes that the hydrofluoric acid market may continue to rise.

Regional Trend of Domestic Ethanol Market in China (5.27-5.31)

Price Trend

This week, the domestic ethanol market trend of regionalization, according to business association monitoring data, the domestic ethanol market price at the beginning of the weekend was 5260 yuan/ton, the price fell by 3.82% compared with the same period last year.

II. Market Analysis

Products: This week, the trend of regionalization of the alcohol market is obvious. The price of Northeast China began to rise on Tuesday, with a rise of 300-350 yuan/ton. Near the end of the month, some of the contract orders of enterprises were executed, and the mentality of pulling up was obvious. Enterprises dramatically increased their offer. Under the mentality of downstream purchasing, some tentative inquiries and small purchase orders. Prices in Shandong and East China rose on Thursday. Influenced by the rise in Northeast goods, Northeast China arbitrage was closed, and enterprises were slightly boosted by the favorable supply side. In South China, there are few start-ups, more molasses and alcohol are supplied to Liquor-making factories, liquor-making factories are basically in need of purchasing, the stock of start-up enterprises is high, the quotation of enterprises is stable, the Haiying device starts around this weekend, the shipments are normal during the parking period of enterprises, the parking of Guangwei this week is expected to be about 10 days, the supply of goods is normal, mainly for self-use.

sodium persulfate

Industry Chain: Maize: In May, the inventory continued to decline, and the corn trading enterprises still showed a strong reluctance to sell. We predict that the general trend of maize market in the near future is still bullish, the probability of short-term surge is still lacking of foundation, sustained slow rise is still the mainstream performance of the market, and the probability of callback in the near future is low. Maize prices are expected to remain strong for most of June. Ethyl acetate: This week, the domestic market for ethyl acetate rose and fell. Last week, domestic ethyl acetate concentrated exports eased the situation of domestic oversupply, and raw material acetic acid rose continuously last week, cost support, the market of ethyl acetate rose passively. By this week, the export boom has gradually eased, and the domestic downstream is about to enter the traditional off-season. The market demand for ethyl acetate is limited, which leads to the accumulation of domestic spot quantity and the overall market situation is weak.

3. Future Market Forecast

The alcohol market in Northeast China has been soaring sharply, waiting for the process of digestion and growth downstream. At present, there is no arbitrage situation for goods from Northeast China to East China. Enterprises in East China are not driving very much at present, and the supply side is good. It is expected that the short-term market will remain strong or upward. At present, the stock situation in Henan is high, the demand of liquor-making enterprises is light, the short-term market is expected to remain stable, and the sugar in South China is expected to remain stable. Honey enterprises have not started a lot, enterprises are currently in stock, the short-term market is expected to remain strong. Ethanol analysts at business associations expect the domestic ethanol market to run steadily in the short term.

Pure Benzene Week Outlook (May 27-May 31, 2019)

Price Trend

According to the data from the business associations’list, the prices of domestic pure benzene enterprises have risen in general this week, with some enterprises rising slightly. This week, the highest price of pure benzene appeared on Thursday and Friday, 4300-4500 yuan/ton, a weekly increase of 0.45%.

II. Analytical Review

1. Products: This week, the pure benzene market showed a steady and moderate upward trend, with an increase of about 50-100 yuan/ton. At present, the mainstream price of pure benzene in the market is about 4300-4500 yuan/ton. This week, pure benzene stocks fell again, and the reduction was wider than the previous period. The market was slightly encouraged. Prices began to rise on Thursday. However, due to the current low price of hydrobenzene, the impact on the pure benzene market can not be ignored and the increase is limited.

2. Crude oil: Oil prices showed a downward trend this week. Overall, oil prices fell slightly compared with Brent oil last week, but U.S. crude oil fell sharply.

3. Downstream: This week, the market of aniline downstream of pure benzene is stable, supply and demand are normal, which has little impact on the price of pure benzene; this week, the price of acetone has increased to support the price of pure benzene; maleic anhydride prices fell at the beginning of the week, which can not support the price of pure benzene.

4. External Disc: FOB Korea’s price continues to be higher than CFR China’s, leading to the CFR China talks light. Towards the end of the month, there was a shortfall in FOB Korea. CFR China’s turnover rose to 659 US dollars per ton, which led to more and more serious inversion of internal and external markets and continued to form a strong support for domestic resources.

3. Future Market Forecast

sodium persulfate

1. Crude Oil: Next week, oil prices will probably rise, but the intensity is still small. US crude oil will stabilize at the $60/barrel level.

2. Domestic market: In June-July, the overhaul load of factories has been increasing. The upside-down of internal and external plates in the early period may lead to a substantial reduction in the arrival of goods in June. In addition to the hot weather, the reservoir area has the consideration of lowering the safe liquid level. It is expected that the supply or a certain reduction will support the price of subsequent pure benzene.

3. External disc: The internal and external discs continue to hang upside down, and the extent of hanging upside down has increased, which forms a certain support for the price of the internal disc.

Taking into account, the pure benzene market will continue to rise slightly next week.

Magnesium ingot price slightly declined on May 30

Magnesium market in May is relatively stable, small fluctuations are dominant. According to data from business associations, the price of magnesium ingots declined slightly in the first half of May, and then remained stable for nearly two weeks. Towards the end of the month, the price of magnesium ingots loosened slightly, and the quotations of some manufacturers declined slightly.

Today’s main production areas are manufactured with tariff (99.9%, no pickling, simple packaging) as follows:

Fugu area ex-factory includes 16600-16800 yuan/ton of tax, Taiyuan area 16700-16800 yuan/ton of cash, Wenxi area 16750-16950 yuan/ton of cash and Ningxia area 16700-16800 yuan/ton of cash.

According to data from business associations, the average market price of magnesium ingots on May 30 was 16833.33 yuan/ton, down 1.13% from 17,025 yuan/ton on May 1, and up 2.64% from the lowest price of 16,400 yuan/ton on January 9, 2019.

sodium persulfate

Today’s magnesium ingot price fine-tuning, on the one hand, due to the raw material ferrosilicon in June, the latest steel price slightly lower impact, on the other hand, mainly based on the current market turnover is weak, and near the end of the month, manufacturers have strong demand for return funds, some manufacturers have downgraded quotations to obtain delivery.

Expected market outlook

At present, the magnesium market is on the low side, and the domestic magnesium ingot price is expected to remain weak and stable in the short term.

The price trend of cryolite market was stable this week (5.20-5.24)

Price Trend

According to the data from the business associations’list, the market price of cryolite is stable this week. The average market price is about 6366.67 yuan/ton, and the price fluctuates little, down 4.98% from the same period last year.

II. Market Analysis

Products: Cryolite prices are basically stable this week, and manufacturers have little intention to adjust prices. As of the 24th, Zibo Kunyu Industry and Trade Cryolite quoted 6500 yuan/ton; Changshu Hongjia Fluorine Co., Ltd. Cryolite quoted 7200 yuan/ton; Jiaozuo Minli Industrial Cryolite quoted 7000 yuan/ton; Zhengzhou Tianrui Cryolite quoted 6500 yuan/ton; Zhengzhou Zerun Energy Chemical Cryolite quoted 5600 yuan/ton.

sodium persulfate

Industry chain: The domestic fluorite market price trend continued to rise this week. The weekend price was 2956.25 yuan/ton, which was 2 862.50 yuan/ton compared with the beginning of the week. The price rose by 3.28% in the week and 20.91% over the same period last year. Domestic fluorite prices rose slightly this week, with the onset of construction on the site at a normal level, and demand in the downstream has improved recently. However, the onsite spot reflects a relatively tight situation. Influenced by various factors, fluorite prices rose slightly. Downstream electrolytic aluminium: This week, the trend of aluminium price was slightly lower. At the beginning of the week, the price remained around 14300.00 yuan/ton. At the end of the week, it was about 14246.67 yuan/ton, and the price was reduced by 0.37%.

3. Future Market Forecast

Analysts of the cryolite industry of Business Society Chemical Branch believe that the price of fluorite in the upper reaches of cryolite has risen slightly and the price of aluminium in the lower reaches has fallen slightly, but the impact on the cryolite industry is not expected to stabilize or tidy up the cryolite market.

The stable operation of ammonium phosphate market this week (5.20-5.24)

First, the price trend

According to business figures, the market trend of powdery ammonium is stable this week, the average price of the domestic market is 2183 yuan/ton, the average price at the beginning of the week is 2183 yuan/ton, the weekend price is 2183 yuan/ton.

sodium persulfate

Second, the market analysis Products: At present, the domestic ammonium market stable operation, market demand is relatively flat, at present, most enterprises are still to carry out pre-order mainly. At present, Hubei area 60% ammonium Powder mainstream factory quotation 2200-2400 yuan/ton, the overall stable operation; Henan region Market stable operation, 55% ammonium Powder Factory Quotation 2000 Yuan-2200 yuan/ton, start smoothly; Anhui Region Market stable operation, 55% ammonium Powder Factory Quotation 2000 Yuan-2200 yuan/ton, Start smoothly.

Most of the enterprise equipment normal operation, normal orders, normal delivery. Industrial chain: Upstream raw material phosphoric acid market price decline, new single volume in general. Phosphorus ore prices remain stable. Sulfur prices fell.

Downstream compound fertilizer enterprises have weaker demand for ammonium.

Third, the forecast of the aftermarket Business Society ammonium phosphate analysts believe that the company’s inventory gradually declined, but the transaction is flat, ammonium phosphate market in the short term may still maintain the stability.