Weak terminal demand and weak propane Market in Shandong Province

From June 21 to 28, propane (Shandong) market fell first and then stabilized. On June 21, the average price of propane market was 2905.00 yuan / ton, and on June 28, the average price was 2870.00 yuan / ton, with a period range of 1.2%. The price was 3.53% lower than that at the beginning of the month (June 1).


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Regional specification enterprises rose and fell from June 21 to June 28

Shandong propane,% (V / V) not less than: 95 HSBC Petrochemical 2940 yuan / ton 2880 yuan / ton-60

Shandong propane,% (V / V) not less than: 95 Hualian Petrochemical 2850 yuan / ton 2800 yuan / ton-50

Shandong propane,% (V / V) no less than: 95 Hengyuan petrochemical, 2980 yuan / ton, 2950 yuan / ton-30

Shandong propane,% (V / V) no less than: 95 haiyoupetrochemical, 2900 yuan / ton, 2850 yuan / ton-50

Shandong propane,% (V / V) not less than: 95 Binzhou Dayou 2850 yuan / ton 2800 yuan / ton-50

Propane is weak this week, with Shandong market falling first and then stabilizing. In June, the weather was hot, propane entered the traditional off-season, the demand of the terminal market fell sharply, the downstream mentality was cautious, the majority of consumption inventory, the manufacturer’s delivery situation was poor, the inventory had accumulated, and the price was forced to be lowered at the beginning of the week to stimulate the delivery. At present, the output of manufacturers is relatively stable and the market supply is relatively sufficient. At present, the profit of imported propane is hanging upside down. In order to reduce the inventory, the port has partial profit giving operation.


In the later part of the week, near the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, the price of propane fell to a relatively low level, there was replenishment operation in the downstream before the festival, the trading atmosphere in the market improved, and the trend of international crude oil was good. The overall rise in the week brought certain benefits to the market, and the market in Shandong recovered. On the demand side, the current high temperature season is still an important factor in constraining the propane Market. The temperature is high, the terminal market demand is reduced, the downstream replenishment cycle is lengthened, the market transaction atmosphere is general, and the civil market of liquefied gas is in weak operation, which plays a certain role in suppressing the propane Market. There are few favorable factors in the propane Market and it is difficult to rise.


In the international market, Saudi Aramco announced in June CP that the rise and fall of butane were mutual, while propane rose $10 / ton, which boosted the market.


During the Dragon Boat Festival, Shandong’s propane market remained stable on a large scale, with only a few minor adjustments. During the period, crude oil rebounded slightly after a wide fall, with a negative market mentality and a more cautious downstream mentality, with a more wait-and-see focus, and the market trading atmosphere turned weak again. At present, propane is strongly affected by seasonal factors, so it is difficult to improve its weakness in the short term, and it is expected that it will be easy to fall and difficult to rise in the future.


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