The price of titanium dioxide in China is low and firm this week (6.22-6.24)

1、 Price trend


Take the rutile titanium dioxide produced by sulfuric acid process, which has a large volume of goods in the domestic market, as an example. According to the data in the bulk list of the business agency, the price of titanium dioxide is stable this week, with an average price of 13866.67 yuan / ton.


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2、 Market analysis


As a whole, the comprehensive operating rate in the late June is higher than that in the early stage. Affected by the price reduction in the early stage, the stock orders of dealers and end users are gradually increasing, and the inventory pressure of manufacturers is expected to ease. At present, the price of titanium dioxide is mainly stable operation. The factory price of domestic rutile titanium dioxide is 12000-14500 yuan / ton, that of anatase titanium dioxide is 10300-11800 yuan / ton, and that of chlorination titanium dioxide is 15500-20000 yuan / ton. With the control of the epidemic situation in various countries, the price of titanium dioxide has little room to decline.


In terms of raw materials, the price of titanium concentrate in Panxi region is stable this week, and some small and medium-sized manufacturers have made a correction under the cost pressure. At present, the price of 38 grade titanium ore excluding tax is 760-800 yuan / ton, that of small and medium-sized miners 46 grade, 10 grade titanium ore excluding tax is 1170-1230 yuan / ton, that of Pangang 46 grade 10 ore is 1350 yuan / ton, and that of 47 grade 20 ore is 1350 yuan / ton. Although the price of titanium dioxide in the downstream continues to be low, due to the increase of raw ore cost and the pressure of medium ore cost, the price of medium ore is firm and rigid, and the low price of titanium ore is reduced. In the short term, the real single price of titanium concentrate is mainly rigid and single.


3、 Future forecast


According to the titanium dioxide analyst of the business agency, at present, the demand for titanium dioxide has increased, foreign trade transactions have gradually recovered, and domestic trade channels and end users are actively stocking up. In the short term, in the case of improved demand, the manufacturer intends to hold up the price operation, and there is very limited space for further downward movement. The actual transaction price is mainly a single negotiation.

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