Double negative factors resonate, spandex price has dropped by more than 5% in recent two months

According to the price monitoring of the business agency, the domestic spandex market has been declining in the past two months. As of June 23, the average price of 40d specification is 31500 yuan / ton, down 5.41% from April 23, down 3.08% year on year.


Current mainstream price statistics of spandex market (unit: yuan / ton)


20D 30D 40D

Zhejiang 35000-36000 34000-35000 28500-29500

Shandong 36000-37000 34500-35500 29000-29500

Fujian 37000-38000 34500-35500 28500-29500

Jiangsu 35000-36000 34000-35000 29500-31500

At present, the operation is weak and stable, the pace of production and marketing is slow, the supply of spandex factory is stable, and 80% of the industry starts to operate at a high level. Cost end support weakened, downstream terminal market just need to take goods carefully, overall market demand follow-up general. In Jiangsu and Zhejiang area, the reference for 20d spandex mainstream negotiation is 35000-36000 yuan / ton; the reference for 30d spandex mainstream negotiation is 34000-35000 yuan / ton; the reference for 40d spandex mainstream negotiation is 28500-29500 yuan / ton, and the actual transaction details are discussed.


Polyglutamic acid agricultural grade

Summary of production and marketing trends of domestic PTMEG manufacturers


Remarks on production capacity (10000 tons / year)

Shanxi 3D 5 parking, no restart plan

Sinopec Great Wall energy chemical 9.2 unit load is not high

Henan Nenghua No.6 parking Center

The load of Xinjiang Meike 5 unit is not high

Low load of 4.6 unit in Tunhe, Lanshan, Xinjiang

In the raw material market, the recent domestic PTMEG market continued to be weak, and the factory negotiated the shipment according to the single, and continued to give limited profit space. At present, the main quotation of 1800 molecular weight goods source is 14000-15000 yuan / ton, and the actual single negotiation is 13800-14500 yuan / ton. There is no restart plan for Shanxi sanwei’s 50000 T / a plant. In the process of Henan energy chemical’s 60000 T / a plant shutdown, Shanghai BASF’s 110000 T / a plant has been restarted, and 50% of the industry’s start-up is over, so the start-up is cautious. The pure MDI market is weak, with the quotation of 13600-14200 yuan / ton telegraphic transfer barrel in East China and 13700-14200 yuan / ton telegraphic transfer barrel in North China. Just before the downstream Festival, a limited amount of replenishment was needed, and the progress of delivery and investment was still slow. With the benefit of the carrier, the delivery was negotiated, and the industry started to maintain a low level of about 40%.


In the lower reaches of Zhejiang Province, Xiaoshao area started work steadily, with the starting level of round machine and yarn wrapping market at 40-60%; in Changshu area, the starting level of round machine market was low, with the overall starting level maintained at 3-40%; in Fujian area, the starting level of lace market was general, with the warp knitting Market at about 5-60%; in Guangdong area, the order follow-up was general, with the starting level of round machine and warp knitting Market at 5-70%. With the off-season atmosphere gradually strong, the end customer demand follow-up is not obvious, most are still sporadic small orders, the overall market just needs to take goods weak, the on-site wait-and-see atmosphere is still strong.


Gamma Polyglutamic Acid

According to the latest statistics of the General Administration of Customs of China, in May 2020, China’s textile and clothing exports reached US $29.554 billion, an increase of 38.36% month on month and a year-on-year increase of 24.02%. Among them, the export value of textiles (including textile yarn, fabrics and products) was 20.648 billion US dollars, up 77.34% year on year; the export value of clothing (including clothing and accessories) was 8.905 billion US dollars, down 26.93% year on year. From January to may 2020, China’s cumulative exports of textiles and clothing amounted to US $97.965 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 0.80%, of which the cumulative exports of textiles amounted to US $59.751.7 billion, a year-on-year increase of 21.30%; the cumulative exports of clothing amounted to US $38.231 billion, a year-on-year decrease of 22.80%.


Business analysts believe that the current raw material market continues to be weak, and the cost side support is weakened. Spandex manufacturers keep normal operation, coupled with the early inventory backlog, the overall market supply is abundant, in addition, the textile industry is in the off-season, the demand for spandex has decreased. The weak cost, weak demand and double negative pressure make the spandex market appear a weak downward trend and a bearish attitude towards the future market. It is expected that the market will maintain a weak and stable operation in the short term.

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