On January 9, the market price trend of ammonium nitrate rose

On January 8, the ammonium nitrate commodity index was 121.05, the same as yesterday, a record high in the cycle, 56.46% higher than the lowest point of 77.37 on October 31, 2016. (Note: cycle refers to 2013-02-01 to now).


sodium persulfate

On September 9, the price trend of domestic ammonium nitrate market rose, the operation of domestic ammonium nitrate manufacturers’ devices was stable, the delivery market of ammonium nitrate manufacturers was general, the downstream purchased on demand, and affected by environmental protection control, the domestic downstream civil explosive industry still stopped production more, the domestic ammonium nitrate manufacturers started construction limited, and the market price trend rose slightly. Up to now, the mainstream of negotiation in Shaanxi is 2300-2400 yuan / ton, that in Shandong is 2200-2400 yuan / ton, and that in Hebei is 2400-2600 yuan / ton. Affected by the environmental protection, some downstream manufacturers have restarted. The demand for ammonium nitrate has increased, but the price of raw materials is at a low level, and the price trend of ammonium nitrate Market is rising.


In recent years, the price trend of domestic nitric acid market continues to maintain a low level, and the quotation of mainstream manufacturers in Jiangsu Province is 1600 yuan / ton. The quotation of mainstream manufacturers in Anhui is about 1600 yuan / ton. Shandong manufacturers offer 1650 yuan / ton, the price trend is weak. The delivery of nitric acid is general. The low price of nitric acid has a certain negative impact on the market of ammonium nitrate, and the price trend of ammonium nitrate is temporarily stable. The market of domestic liquid ammonia in the upper reaches has declined sharply, and enterprises restart the pace of reduction. Some prices in the northern region have declined, and most manufacturers’ quotations are flat. Some enterprises in Shandong, the main production area, have stabilized, and the prices in the northwest region have remained stable. At present, the local ammonia scale At present, it is abundant, especially some manufacturers in Shandong Province have loose supply of goods, and the pressure of enterprise shipment is increasing gradually. However, the manufacturers with large ammonia quantity are mainly stable in price, and they are going to sell goods in succession. The main quotation in Shandong Province is 2850-2950 yuan / ton. In North China, the liquid ammonia is also stable, and the lack of demand leads to the slow delivery of liquid ammonia. After urea conversion, the ammonia quantity is controlled. The inventory pressure of the enterprise is slightly relieved. At present, there are many downriver stoppages, and the main quotation in North China is 2800 yuan / ton. The pressure of environmental protection in Hebei is still not to be underestimated, which leads to the majority of enterprises limiting production. The shutdown of large downstream enterprises, such as China and Afghanistan, leads to weak demand in the downstream, more enterprises accumulating in the warehouse, and no significant change in price. The mainstream quotation in Hebei is 2800-2850 yuan / ton, and the price rise of ammonium nitrate Market is limited. Analysts of ammonium nitrate of business association think that the market price of upstream raw material nitric acid keeps low in the near future, but the downstream demand has increased, and it is expected that the market price of ammonium nitrate will rise slightly in the later stage.


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