Xylene Market Early Week summary tips (May 20)

First, the price trend

According to business figures, the overall price of domestic xylene fell this week, with an average of 5625 yuan/ton of business at the beginning of the week, and the average price of an enterprise on weekends was a weekly low price, 5576 yuan/ton, and a weekly amplitude of 0.09%.

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Ii. Analysis and review 1, crude oil: Sino-US trade talks bearish, the market waiting for OPEC and the alliance to cut production this weekend to discuss the relaxation of production cuts, coupled with a slight easing of tensions in the Middle East, international oil prices fell slightly in Friday.

The crude oil market is expected to remain volatile in the short term. 2, FOB South Korea xylene Reference price is also affected by crude oil, prices fluctuate up and down. Sinopec Branch, Xylene listed prices in some areas cut.

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Port inventories fell in east China last week, at around 110,000 tonnes. 3, from the beginning of the Thursday, Xylene market has recovered, the price rebound. But the current market news is complex, some operators still hold the wait-and-see sentiment, continue to wait for the fundamentals of more information guidelines, short-term xylene prices still maintain a volatile trend.


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