May 22 China’s domestic hydrofluoric acid market trend rise

May 21, the hydrofluoric Acid Commodity Index was 100.54, up 0.63 points from yesterday, down 28.41% from 140.43 at the highest point in the cycle (2018-02-21), up 53.59 from its lowest point of 87.61% on November 30, 2016.

(Note: cycle refers to 2011-09-01 to present) According to statistics, 22nd domestic hydrofluoric acid market price trend rose, the current domestic hydrofluoric acid market price of 11130 yuan/ton, domestic hydrofluoric acid start rate of less than 60%, enterprises reflect the current field of hydrofluoric acid spot supply tension, the recent field cargo situation improved, due to the higher raw materials fluorite, Some hydrofluoric acid manufacturers raised the factory price, hydrofluoric acid market price trend rose. At present, the mainstream of hydrofluoric acid talks in the south is about 11000 yuan/ton, and the price of hydrofluoric acid in the northern market is 11000-11500 yuan/ton.

sodium persulfate

Domestic hydrofluoric acid market price increase, spot supply is slightly reduced, but the demand change is not very large, hydrofluoric acid market price trend rose. Recently downstream refrigerant product plant started in low, the upstream fluorite and hydrofluoric acid demand in general, the recent downstream refrigerant trading market in general, hydrofluoric acid product price shock. Recently terminal downstream refrigerant market trading market has improved, R22 refrigerant device surface started in 60%,R22 market installation rate of temporary stability, the main production enterprises Scatterwater factory price of 18000-19000 yuan/ton between, but the production enterprises do not have scatterwater spot, more to the cylinder small shipment mainly. In addition, the actual demand for the market changes little, the shipment market compared to the previous increase. Domestic R134A market price trend is not good, production enterprises plant construction rate to maintain low, refrigerant market demand in general, manufacturers shipped to export-oriented.

But the market transaction price changes are not big, merchants on demand procurement, recently due to tight supply, hydrofluoric acid price trend rose. Refrigerant field transaction situation in general, refrigerant industry installation rate to maintain a low, for the upstream hydrofluoric acid market demand is normal, but hydrofluoric acid spot supply is tight, business analyst Chen Ling think hydrofluoric acid market may continue to rise.

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