China’s domestic phenol market continues to rise on October 10

Yesterday, the phenol market continued its upward trend. Sinopec’s bills were raised by 400-500 yuan/ton as scheduled, and the implementation of 11900-12000 yuan/ton. As of yesterday, the market offers were as follows: The mainstream reference for supply in the East China region rose to 12,200 yuan / ton, Yanshan and Shandong regions followed the petrochemical rise, the market offer was at 12,100 yuan / ton, the Henan region has a high price The offer price was high, and the market execution was 12,400 yuan/ton. Although the market in the early period of the previous offer was inconsistent, the East China market continued to rise, and the confidence of the holders increased to 12,400 yuan/ton. At present, the mentality of the national traders continues to improve. Although the petrochemical manufacturers in the department are still heavy, but the holders are still over-reporting, the downstream is still purchasing on demand. It is expected that the market will continue to rise. At present, the offer in East China is 12,200 yuan/ton.

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