The acrylic market rose slightly this week (10.15-10.19)

First, the price trend

According to the data of the business community, the market price of acrylic acid increased slightly this week, the market performance was more active, the overall inventory of the market was controllable, and the tight supply provided by the manufacturer overhaul provided strong support for the price. 10100-10300 yuan / ton, and the space for negotiation is limited.

Second, the market analysis

sodium persulfate

Product: Jinan Century Tongda Chemical Co., Ltd. price increased slightly, the acid is 9,500 yuan / ton, refined acid 10,000 yuan / ton; Jiangsu Jurong Chemical Co., Ltd. acrylic acid price between the districts, the acid is 10,100 yuan / ton, refined acid 11,000 yuan / Ton. The specific transaction price, the actual single talk.

Industry chain: Domestic propylene prices have started to fall this week. The market supply is relatively plentiful. Most of them are mainly rigid transactions. The enthusiasm of downstream enterprises has been weakened, and the market mentality has been adjusted. The price is 10,000-10150 yuan/ton.

Third, the market outlook

Acrylic analysts in the business community believe that the domestic supply of acrylic acid is tight, some suppliers have equipment maintenance, and the market price has warmed up. It is expected that the focus of the acrylic market will move upwards in the short term, and the price will fluctuate between communities.

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