Last week, China’s domestic soda ash prices were slightly adjusted (8.13-8.17)

First, the price trend

According to the monitoring data of the business community, the price of soda ash in this week was slightly adjusted. At the beginning of the week, the average price of the domestic market was about 1,842.86 yuan / ton. The average domestic market price on the weekend was about 1828.57 yuan / ton, the price fell 0.78%, and the price rose 10.54% year-on-year. The light soda ash commodity index on August 17 was 93.77, which was the same as yesterday, which was 20.44% lower than the highest point of 117.86 points (2017-11-21) in the cycle, which was 48.49% higher than the lowest point of 63.15 points on November 18, 2015. . (Note: Period refers to 2011-09-01 to date)

sodium persulfate

Second, market analysis

Product: This week, the domestic soda ash price overall showed a weak market. The light-alkali mainstream tax-included ex-factory price: Shandong factory is 1750-1800 yuan/ton; the local trade shipment price in Liaoning is about 1,800 yuan/ton, the terminal arrival is about 1850/ton; the Hebei area is 1700-1750 yuan/ Tons; the mainstream factory in Jiangsu Province is 1700-1750 yuan/ton; the Central China region is 1700-1750 yuan/ton; the Qinghai region is 1350-1420 yuan/ton; the southwest region is 1700-1750 yuan/ton. The mainstream of heavy alkali is included in the price of tax: At present, the mainstream of heavy alkali in the Shahe area is reduced to 1,600-1,650 yuan / ton. The overall domestic operating rate is around 80%.

Industry chain: The soda ash market is in the stage of taking the goods, and the market is slowing down. The demand for light soda ash users is not good, and the actual transaction focus tends to be flat. However, the overall price is still flexible. Environmental protection policies and international trade impacts, soda ash terminal demand is general. The recent price of heavy soda ash has been lower, the output of enterprises has shrunk, the supply side has tightened, the downstream demand has been measured, and the market price inversion has gradually reversed.

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