The domestic chloroform market rose sharply this week (8.20-8.24)

First, the price trend

According to the monitoring of the business community, the average price of domestic chloroform continued to rise this week. The average price of chloroform at the beginning of the week was around 4,234 yuan/ton, and the average price of the weekend was about 4,362 yuan/ton, which rose by 3.02% during the week. It rose by 93.65% in the same period last year.

Second, the cause analysis

Product reasons: This week, the regional differences in domestic chloroform prices are still relatively large. Due to continuous heavy rain, the production and transportation of chloroform enterprises in Shandong are affected to varying degrees, such as Jinling Chemical’s 440,000 tons/year plant started 50%. Dongying Jinmao 120,000 tons / year device parking; Luxi Chemical 220,000 tons / year plant starts 7 to 80%; Jiangxi Leewen 80,000 tons / year device is operating normally, currently more self-use, low inventory; Jiangsu Lee Man 160,000 The ton/year plant started 50%, etc.; other large chloroform production enterprises mostly used for their own use, and the spot supply of chloroform was tight. At present, the price of Shandong is 4180-4370 yuan / ton, the Jiangsu area is 4650 yuan / ton, and the Jiangxi area is 4400 yuan / ton.

sodium persulfate

Industry chain: upstream, the methanol market volatility adjustment this week, a slight increase of 1.48% in the week, up 24.64% over the previous year, currently 2996 yuan / ton; liquid chlorine market is stable, liquid chlorine price in North China is 1-100 yuan / ton Between the two, the price of liquid chlorine in East China is between 50-100 yuan / ton, and enterprises are more discounted. The downstream refrigerant market was affected by the favorable export, and this week has picked up, the industry demand is still good, because the price of chloroform is at a high level, and the pharmaceutical and pesticide industries are buying light.

Industry: According to the price monitoring of business companies, in the 34th week of 2018 (8.20-8.24), the price of commodities in the list rose by 31 in the chemical sector, with a total of 31 commodities, of which more than 5% rose, accounting for the sector. The number of commodities monitored was 1.4%; the top 3 commodities were sulfuric acid (5.23%), phosphate ore (4.05%), and crude benzene (3.81%). There were 17 kinds of commodities with a decrease in the chain, and 2 products with a drop of more than 5%, accounting for 2.8% of the monitored products in the sector; the top 3 products were aggregated MDI (-6.65%) and polysilicon (-5.88%). ), acetic acid (-2.22%).

Third, the market outlook

At present, the overall operating rate of the chloroform market is low, the company’s inventory is low, and the export price is positive. The price of chloroform is high. The chloroform analysts of the business community believe that the chloroform market will be mainly stabilized in the short term. There is a possibility of a decline.

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