China’s domestic acetic anhydride market rose on August 16

According to the data monitoring of business organizations, on August 16, the average price of acetic anhydride enterprises was 7306.25 yuan / ton, up 0.17% from the previous trading day, up 48.60%.

On August 15th, the acetic anhydride commodity index was 144.55, which was 0.74 points higher than yesterday, which was 12.78% lower than the highest point of 165.73 points (2018-06-19) in the cycle, which was higher than the lowest point of 82.58 points on September 20, 2016. 75.04%. (Note: Period refers to 2013-02-01 to date).

On August 16, the domestic vinegar anhydride factory price rose, and the market transaction price rose. In most areas, the factory price is 6900-7400 yuan / ton, the actual transaction price rises, the actual transaction price is about 6800-7200 yuan / ton, the market price is the reference price, the actual transaction price is subject to actual negotiation.

Recently, the price of raw material acetic acid has risen, the price of raw material methanol has fluctuated, and the cost of acetic anhydride manufacturers has increased, which is good for the price increase of acetic anhydride. Recently, the inspection and maintenance plan for acetic anhydride plants has increased, the operating rate of equipment is not high, and acetic anhydride enterprises are basically out of stock. The operating rate of downstream customers has rebounded, and the demand for acetic anhydride is favorable. At the same time, the sharp rise in raw material prices and the decline in operating rates have provided fundamental support for the recovery of acetic anhydride prices. However, the market has limited acceptance of high-priced acetic anhydride, and the demand for acetic anhydride is limited. The price of acetic anhydride will not rise sharply in the short term. The price of acetic anhydride in the market is expected to rise slightly.

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