Zinc prices slightly increased this week

Zinc prices slightly increased this week


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According to the Commodity Market Analysis System of the Business Society, as of April 14th, the zinc price was 22436 yuan/ton, an increase of 1.27% compared to April 7th’s zinc price of 22154 yuan/ton, and a decrease of 1.52% compared to April 1st’s zinc price of 22782 yuan/ton. US inflation data has fallen, international market conditions are expected to improve, and zinc prices have slightly increased this week.


US inflation growth rate data has fallen


On Wednesday, the US March CPI data was released and the Federal Reserve’s March meeting minutes were released. The US March CPI rose by 5% year-on-year, with an expected 5.2%, the lowest since May 2021 and the ninth consecutive month of slower growth; The month on month increase is 0.1%, with an expected 0.2%. The US CPI in March decreased from 6.0% in February to 5.0%, indicating a significant decline in US inflation growth data, a significant decline in the US dollar index, and a rebound in international market economic expectations.


>Future Market Forecast


According to data analysts from Business Society, the growth rate of inflation in the United States has fallen, the international market economy is expected to warm up, the zinc price in the London LME market has increased, and the upward momentum of zinc prices in the domestic zinc market has increased. China’s imports and exports have gradually rebounded, with an increase in downstream zinc oxide orders and a rebound in downstream demand in the zinc market. Yunnan’s recent power shortage is expected to lead to a decrease in zinc smelting operations in the future, and the supply of zinc in the market is expected to be tight. Overall, the supply of zinc in the future is tight, and demand is expected to rebound. It is expected that zinc prices will fluctuate slightly in the future.


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