Lithium hydroxide market declined in March

According to the bulk list data of Business News Agency, as of March 28, the average price of domestic industrial grade lithium hydroxide enterprises was 367500.00 yuan/ton, a decrease of 16.48% compared to the price on March 1.


gamma polyglutamic acid fertiliser(fertilizer) grade

The lithium hydroxide market fell in March. In the first ten days, upstream lithium carbonate continued its downward trend, with insufficient support for cost in the face of lithium hydroxide. Production and operation at the supply side were relatively stable, and market supply was relatively sufficient. However, the demand side slowly recovered, and downstream follow-up was less than expected. The market atmosphere was weak, and corporate quotations declined. In the middle of the year, there was a lack of support on the cost side, and the demand side was weak. Manufacturers mainly delivered long-term orders and clinched deals. Current market transactions were limited, and lithium hydroxide prices fell again. In the second half of the year, the support for the cost side weakened again, and the market purchasing atmosphere was depressed. Under the mentality of downstream enterprises not buying up or down, the market actually traded poorly, and the decline in lithium hydroxide continued.


Gamma Polyglutamic Acid

Upstream lithium carbonate: According to data monitoring by Business News Agency, the prices of industrial and battery grade lithium carbonate significantly decreased in March 2023. As of March 27, the reference price for lithium carbonate – industrial grade was 240600.00, a decrease of 37.11% compared to March 1 (382600.00).


According to lithium hydroxide analysts from Business News, the current cost and demand side is weak, the market transaction atmosphere is flat, and there is a strong cautious wait-and-see mentality. It is expected that in the short term, the domestic lithium hydroxide market may continue to operate weakly, and more attention needs to be paid to market news guidance.

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