The cost is stable, and there is little change in the weekly market of polyaluminum chloride

According to data monitoring by Business News Agency, the polyaluminum chloride commodity index stood at 101.49 on March 26, unchanged from yesterday, down 28.85% from the cycle’s highest point of 142.64 (2021-11-01), and up 20.36% from the lowest point of 84.32 on August 18, 2020. (Note: The cycle refers to 2019-04-01 to now)


Gamma Polyglutamic Acid

According to the monitoring data of the Business News Agency, the market price of solid (industrial grade, content ≥ 28%) polyaluminum chloride in China was basically stable at around 1877.5 yuan/ton during the week of March 20-26. Currently, the production of water treatment enterprises in China’s main production areas is normal, with occasional short-term shutdown by manufacturers, and relatively abundant inventory in stock. Downstream procurement costs have not changed much. The cost of raw hydrochloric acid was stable, while fuel prices were slightly reduced. The market for polyaluminum chloride remained stable during the current week.


Raw hydrochloric acid: According to the monitoring data of the Business Society, the domestic market price of hydrochloric acid for the week from March 20 to 26 was basically maintained at around 198 yuan/ton. The upstream liquid chlorine market has consolidated at a high level, with good cost support. The downstream polyaluminum chloride and ammonium chloride markets have declined slightly, and the downstream purchasing willingness is generally. The analysis indicates that hydrochloric acid is currently under insufficient support, with a steady decline being the main trend.


Liquefied natural gas for production. According to data from Business News Agency, the price of domestic liquefied natural gas continued to decline during the week from March 20 to 26. As of March 26, the average price of domestic liquefied natural gas was 4252 yuan/ton, down 3.58% from the average price of 4412 yuan/ton on March 20. Cost support weakened due to lower feed gas prices in the city. Under cost pressure, domestic liquid prices have continuously declined. Currently, the market has sufficient supply and weak terminal demand. The heating season in the north is about to end, with a low industrial operating rate and a significant oversupply in the market. It is expected that the domestic LNG market will continue to be weak in the short term.


Future forecast: The market for raw materials is flat, fuel costs are reduced, and the spot inventory of polyaluminum chloride is still sufficient. There is no impact on downstream demand. It is expected that the recent market for polyaluminum chloride will continue to be stable.

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