The downstream consumption is insufficient, and the potassium sulfate market declines

1、 Price trend


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2、 Market analysis


According to the data of business agency, the domestic potassium sulfate market fell this week, and the spot prices of various brands fell. As of August 4, the average price of domestic potassium sulfate 50 particles was 5200 yuan / ton, up or down -2.80% compared with the average price at the beginning of the month.


This week, the momentum of the domestic potash fertilizer market continued to be weak. The operating rate of potassium sulfate Mannheim enterprises remained low, and the overall operating rate decreased to 40%. Affected by this, the on-site supply of potassium sulfate is limited, but the downstream consumption is poor. In addition, due to the impact of the previous export policy, the on-site supply pressure is high. In terms of upstream potassium chloride, the arrival of border trade and ports increased this week, and the increase in the supply of goods caused the price decline of both imported and domestic goods. The procurement of downstream enterprises such as potassium carbonate and potassium nitrate was general, which weakened the support for processing potassium sulfate enterprises. At present, the market quotation of potassium sulfate has fallen, and the profit situation of enterprises is poor. In particular, some quotations in Northeast China have broken through the loss line, and there are few new orders. Traders react that the downstream follow-up is slow, and the trading is limited.


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3、 Aftermarket forecast


Potassium sulfate analysts of business agency believe that the domestic potassium sulfate market fell this week, while the potassium chloride market fell. The cost support of domestic potassium sulfate is weakened, and the supply side is OK, but the follow-up of the demand side is poor, and the superimposed export orders are reduced. It is expected that the domestic potassium sulfate price may continue to weaken in the short term due to poor demand.

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