In July 2022, the coal tar market rose slightly, with a monthly increase of 2.78%

From July 1 to July 28, 2022, the domestic coal tar production price fluctuated upward. The price at the beginning of the month was 5387.5 yuan / ton, and the price at the end of the month was 5537.5 yuan / ton, with a monthly increase of 2.78%.


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On July 27, the coal tar (high temperature) commodity index was 188.62, unchanged from yesterday, down 0.55% from the highest point of 189.66 in the cycle (2022-05-18), and up 300.04% from the lowest point of 47.15 on December 6, 2015. (Note: the period refers to 2011-09-01 to now).


Changes in the bidding price of coal, coke and oil in Shanxi in July 2022 (unit: yuan / ton)


Region, price on July 1, price on July 28, monthly rise and fall

Linfen, 5370, 5500, +130

Luliang., 5400., 5500., +100

Taiyuan, 5440, 5560, +120

In July 2022, the bidding price of tar in Shanxi Province rose as a whole. Recently, the construction of coking enterprises was low, the overall output of tar fell significantly, the downstream losses were serious, and the market demand was still in stock, supporting the consolidation of high tar prices.


In July, the overall trend of the coal tar market fell first and then rose. The overall trend was dominated. After a slight decline at the beginning of the month, the price continued to rise. At the beginning of the month, the performance of the domestic tar market was mixed. The bidding price in Shanxi fell and led to the weakness of the northwest western region. The bidding price in other regions increased slightly, and some regions were temporarily stable. The overall performance of the domestic coal tar bidding market this month was significantly different from each region, with both ups and downs. The main rule is that Shandong affects Hebei and its surrounding areas, and Shanxi affects the price in the northwest, but on the whole, the price still rises slightly. In terms of supply, coking enterprises have suffered serious losses this month. Up to now, they have reduced their losses by five rounds, with a loss of about 500 yuan / ton. The production restriction of coking enterprises has been increasing. According to the current supply and demand situation of the coke market, it is difficult to improve the sales situation of the downstream steel market in the short term, and the production capacity of coking enterprises will still be in a low state in the short term. Therefore, the output of coal tar as a by-product will also be at a low level in the short term, and the mentality of coke enterprises to be reluctant to sell and support prices is obvious. In the downstream, affected by the high price of raw materials, the performance of the deep processing market is not satisfactory. The production enthusiasm of enterprises is low, and the support for tar demand is limited.

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In terms of supply: after the four rounds of raising and lowering of coke prices, the current coking enterprises have suffered serious losses, and the coking enterprises have further increased their efforts to limit production, with most enterprises limiting production by 30-50%. With the strengthening of production restriction, the current overall supply of coke is tightening, and the output of related by-products fell significantly this month.


On the whole, the downstream deep-processing enterprises continue to perform in the doldrums and have strong resistance to high price tar. In the future, the business community believes that the overall tar market is in a weak pattern of supply and demand. Although the supply of the tar market is tight, but the downstream demand is slightly reduced, the tar price is difficult to fluctuate greatly, and the overall trend remains stable and weak.


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According to the National Bureau of statistics, in June 2022, China’s raw coal output was 379.313 million tons, an increase of 15.3% year-on-year; From January to June, the cumulative output was 219.357 million tons, with a year-on-year increase of 11.0%. In June 2022, China’s coke output was 41.458 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 5.3%; From January to June, the cumulative output was 239.503 million tons, with a year-on-year increase of 0.5%.

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