This week, the price of titanium dioxide in the domestic market is mainly stable (10.15-10.22)

1、 Price trend

Gamma Polyglutamic Acid

According to the commodity data monitoring, the titanium dioxide market is basically stable this week, and the domestic titanium dioxide price is 20950 yuan / ton.

2、 Market analysis

This week, the titanium dioxide market was basically stable this week. Titanium dioxide enterprises are limited, and the overall market is insufficient. The market demand is relatively light, the downstream enterprises are limited, the operation is poor, the traders are more cautious in taking goods, the wait-and-see mood is more obvious, and they mainly purchase on demand. Up to now, the factory quotation including tax of rutile titanium dioxide in China is 19500-21800 yuan / ton; The ex factory quotation of anatase titanium dioxide including tax is between 17600-19500 yuan / ton.

In terms of titanium concentrate, the titanium concentrate in Panxi area was stable this week. The titanium ore market in Yunnan is relatively cold, the market inquiry is general, manufacturers mostly deliver early orders, and the downstream wait-and-see mood is strong. Up to now, the tax free quotation of 38 grade titanium ore is about 1600-1650 yuan / ton, that of 46 grade 10 titanium ore is about 2360-2380 yuan / ton, and that of 47 grade 20 ore is about 2500-2550 yuan / ton.

In terms of sulfuric acid, the domestic sulfuric acid market price rose this week, the manufacturer’s inventory was general, and the downstream demand was good. The quotation increased from 883.33 yuan / ton at the beginning of the week to 888.33 yuan / ton at the end of the week, an increase of 0.57%, a year-on-year increase of 123.48% compared with the same period last year. Overall, the sulfuric acid market rose this week, and the sulfuric acid commodity index was 138.26 on October 22.

3、 Future forecast

Titanium dioxide analysts of business society believe that: at present, the quotation of titanium dioxide market is strong, upstream and downstream purchase on demand, and the manufacturers have strong willingness to rise. Internationally, the demand for foreign trade is acceptable and there is no pressure in the short term. In terms of raw materials, titanium concentrate is temporarily stable, sulfuric acid rises, and the cost pressure of titanium dioxide is large. It is expected that the titanium dioxide market will be more wait-and-see and consolidation in the short term.

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