POM prices stabilized in the first half of June

Price trend

Gamma Polyglutamic Acid

According to the data of business club’s block list, the domestic POM market was flat in the first half of June, and the spot prices of various brands were stable. As of June 16, the average offer price of the POM injection molding sample enterprises in the business community was about 15900 yuan / ton, which was flat compared with the average price at the beginning of the month.

Cause analysis

POM upstream formaldehyde, Shandong formaldehyde market fell in the first half of June, market trading atmosphere is relatively light, the transaction situation is poor. Methanol raw material market down, the overall trading atmosphere in general. Poor support for formaldehyde. At present, the north gradually enters the busy farming season, the operation rate of the downstream plate yard gradually declines, the demand for formaldehyde weakens, the purchasing enthusiasm declines, the atmosphere of formaldehyde trading market is light, the shipment is not smooth, and the market center moves down. Business community chemical branch formaldehyde analysts expect that the recent Shandong formaldehyde prices or a small decline.

Upstream prices fell in the first half of the month, and POM cost side support weakened. Recently, the domestic POM market accepted the stalemate at the end of May, and the wait-and-see atmosphere spread. At present, it is the off-season of the rubber and plastic industry, and the consumption of downstream factories is insufficient, so it is difficult to pull up the demand for just entering the market. Domestic POM spot price range is still not low, Tianye Chemical M90 reference price is about 15700 yuan / ton, real single negotiation. Yuntianhua M90 ex factory reference price quoted 16900 yuan / ton, firm offer negotiation. The POM unit of Shenhua Ningshan coal works normally. The reference price of mc90 is about 15100 yuan / ton, with cash withdrawal. However, the supply side of the market is still good, and the domestic supply is still tight. Coupled with the limited recovery of the industry’s operating rate, the spot price may continue to be deadlocked.

Future forecast

Analysts from business news agency believe that the domestic POM market is stable in the first half of June. Formaldehyde and methanol in the upstream have dropped, and the cost support of POM has been weakened. The tight market supply pattern remains unchanged, and the supply side is good for the market. In the off-season, the demand of downstream enterprises is short, and the orders are generally small. In addition, under the pressure of high cost, profits are compressed, and the terminal is in conflict with the high price of goods. The merchants have a wait-and-see mentality, and the willingness to support the price still exists. In the field of long and short game, tangled in the balanced operation. POM market is expected to remain stable in the near future.


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