Lack of demand, cost pressure remains, PA6 price deadlocked operation

1、 Price trend:

Gamma Polyglutamic Acid

According to the data of the bulk list of business agencies, the domestic PA6 market was in a standstill in early June, and spot prices rose and fell. As of June 11, the main offer price of sample enterprises for Zhongwei 2.75-2.85 was about 14733.33 yuan / ton, a decrease of 1.14% compared with the average price in early May, with a year-on-year increase of 20.11%.

2、 Analysis of influencing factors:

Upstream caprolactam, domestic spot market in early June to undertake may high down market. International crude oil strength in the first ten days of this month, but the benzene external market continued to decline, and the peripheral news was empty. In addition, styrene continued to decline, dragging the center of gravity of pure benzene. At present, the atmosphere of the spot market of caprolactam is strong, and the demand of downstream enterprises has not improved, and the volume of investment is insufficient. The petrochemical plant cost pressure is increasing, the contract offer is stable, and caprolactam is expected to continue the game in the short term.

The spot market of PA6 in early June was also stable. At present, the cost end pressure of PA6 is still high, and the profit of the polymerization plant is limited. At the same time, it is also worth the traditional off-season of rubber and plastic industry. Downstream factory purchase operation is just needed to take goods, and follow up is slow. The transaction on the site is weak, and the actual delivery and investment are mostly small orders. In recent years, the inventory position of production enterprises and merchants has generally increased. The atmosphere in the field is not good, and the attitude of looking at the air is strong.

3、 Post market forecast:

Analysts of business society think: in the early June, the caprolactam market in the upper reaches of PA6 was adjusted narrowly, and the cost side of PA6 was temporarily stable. Downstream factories take goods mainly, end-user consumption is in off-season level, and the on-site delivery and investment is in short supply. The spot price of PA6 is expected to be in a standstill operation in the near future.

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