Hydrogenated benzene market price fell slightly this week (April 12-16)

From April 12 to 16, 2021, the ex factory price of hydrogenated benzene in North China decreased. The domestic ex factory price was 6575 yuan / ton at the beginning of the week and 6550 yuan / ton at the end of the week, with a weekly drop of 0.38%.


Gamma Polyglutamic Acid

Price rise and fall of domestic main hydrogenated benzene market from April 12 to 16 (unit: yuan / ton)


Region.. price on 12th, price on 16th, weekly rise and fall

Shandong area. 6600. 6550. – 50


This week (April 12-16), the market price of hydrobenzene in Shandong Province fluctuated slightly, with 6600 yuan / ton at the beginning of the week and 6550 yuan / ton at the end of the week, down by 75 yuan / ton.


In April 2021, Sinopec’s pure benzene listing price was raised four times, and now it is 7000 yuan / ton, among which Qilu Petrochemical is 6800 yuan / ton, and this week it is raised once, with a total of 150 yuan / ton.


At the beginning of the week, affected by the poor performance of styrene downstream of pure benzene, the price of domestic pure benzene market mainly declined, while the price of hydrogenated benzene followed the downward trend. Near the weekend, as the crude oil market continued to develop, styrene futures prices strengthened, and pure benzene prices rose. Sinopec’s pure benzene ex factory price rose on Thursday, which brought better support to the market. The market price of hydrobenzene rose slightly.


The business news agency believes that the international crude oil price is strengthening on the fundamentals, and Sinopec’s pure benzene factory price is rising again, which is good for the fundamentals of the hydrogenated benzene market and has good support. It is expected that the hydrogenated benzene market will have some room to make up this week.


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