Methanol market price rises again

Recently, the domestic methanol spot market rose again. According to the monitoring of the business agency, as of April 16, the average price of domestic methanol manufacturers in Shandong was 2390 yuan / ton, with a month on month drop of 1.44% and a year-on-year rise of 33.71%. This week, the methanol market was weak first and then strong, mainly due to the increase of supply expectations, which depressed the mentality of the industry. However, the mainland and port inventory decreased, and some olefin outsourcing supported the late mentality.


Gamma Polyglutamic Acid

The methanol market first fell and then rose, with excessive supply and prominent contradiction between supply and demand, which led to weak operation of domestic methanol market. However, due to the decrease of inventory in the mainland and ports, the support mentality of some olefin outsourcing, and the upward trend of futures market, the domestic spot market price kept rising. Due to the low inventory of Northwest enterprises in the main production area and the support of methanol extraction from some olefin plants, some upstream enterprises have a strong mentality.


Summary of methanol market prices by Region as of April 16:


Region, price

Qinghai area: RMB 1920-1980 yuan / ton

RMB 2200 / T factory cash in Shanxi

Liaoning Province: 2280-2330 yuan / ton

Fujian area: 2650-2660 yuan / ton

Ex factory reference 2310-2360 yuan / ton ex factory cash

Anhui Province: 2380-2400 yuan / ton

RMB 2280-2285 / T in Henan

On the downstream side, the dimethyl ether Market was operating in a narrow range with general trading atmosphere. MTBE market continued to rise, with an increase of 50-100 yuan / ton. The formaldehyde market is stable and falling. The upstream methanol is up in a narrow range, which is strongly supported by the cost side. The regional rise of domestic acetic acid market continued.


In terms of external market, as of April 15, the closing price of CFR China methanol was 293.00-294.00 US dollars / ton, up 2 US dollars / ton; CFR Southeast Asia methanol was 370.00-371.00 US dollars / ton. US Gulf methanol closed at 120.00-121.00 cents / gallon; FOB Rotterdam methanol closed at 320.00-321.00 euros / ton.


Region, country, closing price, up and down

Asian CFR China $293.00-294.00/t $2 / T

Asia: US $370.00-371.00/t US $6.5/t

Europe and the United States ﹣ U.S. Gulf ﹣ 120.00-121.00 cents / gal ﹣ 0 cents / gal

Europe – FOB Rotterdam – 320.00-321.00 euro / ton – 0 euro / ton

In the future, in terms of spot, the inventory of Northwest enterprises is not high. In addition, some olefin plants are supported by methanol production, and some upstream enterprises have a strong mentality. In the later stage, the marginal supply tends to increase, while the marginal demand has no obvious change. Business community methanol analysts expect that the domestic methanol market in the short term consolidation.

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