Isopropanol price fell this week (2.1-2.5)

1、 Price trend


Gamma Polyglutamic Acid

Isopropanol prices fell this week, according to commodity data monitoring. The average price of isopropanol in China was 8666.67 yuan / ton last weekend and 8133.33 yuan / ton this weekend. The price was reduced by 6.15% during the week.


2、 Market analysis


Isopropanol prices fell this week. Internationally, isopropanol in the United States closed higher on December 15, while the European isopropanol market closed stable. Up to now, the negotiation range of isopropanol in Shandong is about 8000 yuan / ton, and that of isopropanol in Jiangsu is about 8300 yuan / ton. Zhejiang isopropanol negotiation range is around 8100 yuan / ton. In recent days, the domestic isopropanol market is weak and the atmosphere in the market is empty.


In terms of raw material acetone, the market center of gravity fell again, but the current spot supply did not appear unlimited loose situation, the attitude of cargo holders was relatively gentle, the offer was high, and the actual order situation needed attention. It is estimated that the short-term negotiation of acetone will be 7600-7800 yuan / ton.


In terms of raw material propylene, the prices of some enterprises fluctuated. There is a certain pressure on the current inventory, the price of crude oil rises significantly, the downstream market is mainly on the lookout, and the purchase intention before the festival is general. Therefore, it is expected that the future market of propylene will fluctuate steadily in the near future.


3、 Future forecast


Isopropanol analysts from the chemical branch of Shangshe think: the raw material acetone declines, propylene fluctuates up and down, the Spring Festival holiday is approaching, and the domestic market demand is weak. In the short term, isopropanol market is mainly stable.

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