Cost side pressure continues, PA66 price remains high

Price trend


Gamma Polyglutamic Acid

According to the data of the business club’s block list, the domestic PA66 market was stable in early February, with the spot prices of various brands mainly moving sideways. As of February 8, the average offer price of PA66 medium viscosity injection molding sample enterprises was about 30200 yuan / ton, which was the same as that at the beginning of the month.


In terms of upstream adipic acid of PA66, the recent domestic adipic acid market continued to warm up at the end of January. The dealers’ quotations were tentatively high, and generally rose in East China, South China and other regions. Some dealers’ quotations were falsely high, so there was room for speculation in the market. In terms of supply, at present, the operating rate of adipic acid manufacturers is above 80%, the market supply is relatively sufficient, and the inventory pressure of manufacturers is acceptable. Before the festival, the downstream and dealers have centralized stock operation at the same time. From the result, the delivery volume is good, and the spot price is up to the present. In the early stage, dealers reduced prices to remove inventory. At present, the social inventory is more reasonable. Combined with the replenishment behavior in the downstream years ago, the pressure on the supply side is generally controllable, and the relatively tight supply environment is the main reason for the price rise of adipic acid. In the later stage, the business community believes that adipic acid is currently at a high level. Affected by the speculation of traders, there is a certain moisture in the market. In the later stage, the price may be subject to the suppression of demand without big action. At present, the Spring Festival holiday is coming, and the downstream operating rate will inevitably decline. It is expected that adipic acid will maintain a high level in the near future, and it is unlikely to continue to rise. After the festival, the possibility of falling back will not be ruled out.


Adipic acid’s support to PA66′s cost is still increasing. At present, the tight supply pattern of adiponitrile has not been improved, and the overall supply is still slightly tight. At present, the domestic polymerization factory mainly used to meet the early orders and complete the supply of old customers. The operating rate and shipment volume are also subject to upstream shortage. After the operating rate of Zhejiang Huafeng rose at the end of last year, there was almost no news of supply rising again, and there was a certain degree of shortage outside the big customers. At present, PA66 has no pressure on inventory, and the industry is willing to support the price. The upstream raw materials rose at a high level, the cost side support of PA66 was slightly heavy, and more cost side pressure supported the high spot price of PA66.


Business analysts believe that: pa662 domestic market trend in early February stable, high spot prices firm. The price of upstream products rose at a high level, which supported the cost of PA66, while the price of PA66 was at a high level. The downstream takes the goods passively, the recent stock up before the festival is basically completed, and the downstream mainly follows up on demand, but the cost side pressure makes PA66 price difficult. PA66 market is expected to remain high in the short term.

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