Acetic acid market stable operation before the festival

According to the monitoring of the bulk data of the business agency, the domestic acetic acid market has been running steadily recently. As of September 27, the average price of acetic acid in East China was about 2553 yuan / ton, an increase of 6.83% compared with 2390 yuan / ton at the beginning of the month. At present, there are 2450-2600 yuan / ton in Shandong, 2520-2580 yuan / ton in Jiangsu, 2630-2700 yuan / ton in Zhejiang, 2400-2450 yuan / ton in Henan, 2500-2530 yuan / ton in Hebei and 2100 yuan / ton in Northwest China.

Gamma Polyglutamic Acid


Unit capacity (10000 t / a) unit output (T / D)

Yankuang Guotai 110.3000

Hualu Hengsheng 50.1600

Yangtze BP 50 1300

Jiangsu Sopu 120 3500

Celanese 1200 2500

Jiantao, Hebei, 50.1400

Tianjin Bohua 35.1000

Henan Shunda 40.1400

Longyu, Henan 50.1300

Henan Yima 25 parking

Shaanxi Yanchang 30.1000

Shanghai Huayi 70.1800

Anhui Huayi 50.1200

Dalian Hengli 35.1100

In recent years, the domestic acetic acid market has maintained stable operation, the trading before the festival has been basically completed, the market purchasing enthusiasm has decreased, the enterprise start-up has generally returned to the normal level, the overall inventory in the industry is still at a low level, the spot supply in the market is relatively loose, and the operation tends to be stable in the short term.


In the upstream market, the methanol market is stable before the festival, with few offers for logistics goods. Most of the operators wait and see, and the market transaction is average. At present, it is about 1790 yuan / ton. In terms of downstream, the transaction of acetic acid downstream industries, such as vinyl acetate and acetate, is flat. Enterprises mainly focus on delivery contracts. The preparation of goods before the festival is basically completed, and the operation is stable in a short period of time.


In recent years, the international acetic acid market has been running steadily, and the Asian acetic acid market has been slightly higher under the support of supply decline and expected increase in demand, and the current quotation is about 315-370 US dollars / ton; the supply of acetic acid in European market is relatively down, and the price is stable and upward, at present, 550 euro / ton; the North American market has limited supply, and the price of acetic acid is firm and upward, about 550 US dollars / ton.


The acetic acid analysts of the business club believe that the domestic acetic acid market starts stably at present. Affected by the logistics control, the downstream and traders’ purchase is basically completed, and the trade in the industry is light. Due to the small inventory pressure of enterprises, the market is stable in a short period of time.

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