Light and stable finishing of ethyl acetate Market in China this week

According to the monitoring of bulk data from the business agency, this week (6.15-6.19) East China ethyl acetate Market was in a weak and stable operation, with the average price of 5370 yuan / ton in the week, down 2.59% from the same period last month.


This week, the domestic ethyl acetate Market was in a weak and stable operation. The overall industry started steadily and the spot supply was sufficient. Due to the cautious buying in the downstream market, the demand for ethyl acetate was reduced, the inventory of enterprises was accumulated passively, and the competitive sales among enterprises were conducted. In addition, the delivery schedule of goods in South China market was increased, and the situation of market supply exceeding demand was gradually intensified.


Gamma Polyglutamic Acid

In terms of raw materials, acetic acid is stable and soft. With the recovery of normal production, the market supply is expected to increase. In addition, in the early stage, downstream and middlemen are short of acetic acid, resulting in less market transactions. It is expected that the acetic acid market will decline in a weak way. In terms of ethanol, large factories in Northeast China ordered goods, with low inventory, strong raw material corn, high production cost and stable ex factory price. Enterprises in North China and East China suffered from poor terminal demand, and their quotations weakened.


On the international side, the supply and demand of international ethyl acetate are weak. Affected by the decline of raw material acetic acid, the price of ethyl acetate continues to decline, with European ports at about 800 US dollars / ton and North American ports at about 650 US dollars / ton.


According to analysts of ethyl acetate of business association, at present, the downstream market demand is poor, the market trading is soft, and the rigid demand is insufficient. With the weakening of raw material acetic acid, the short-term bear mentality of ethyl acetate is intensified, and it is expected to run in a weak way in the short term.

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