PC increased in early September (9.1-9.5) in anti-dumping of imported raw materials from the United States.

Price Trend

According to the data monitored by business associations, the domestic PC market showed an upward trend in the first week of September. As of September 05, domestic producers and TRADERS’offer price for Bayer 2805 averaged about 1920.00 yuan/ton, up 1.23% from the beginning of the month.

sodium persulfate

II. Cause Analysis

In early September, bisphenol A in PC upstream began to enter the upstream channel as soon as it changed from last month’s weak market. The reason is that China began to impose anti-dumping duties on American phenol, which is an important raw material for direct upstream bisphenol A of PC. Influenced by the strong support of raw material cost, the domestic market of bisphenol A has shifted upward, and the willingness of merchants to bid has emerged. The downstream follow-up is limited, and the purchase, trading and just-in-demand strategy of factories is the main one. Businessmen speculate that the market still has room for growth. In the near future, domestic bisphenol A spot or will rise narrowly, which will strengthen the cost support of domestic PC. At present, the domestic market is gradually entering “nine gold and ten silver”, and the atmosphere of replenishment is growing. In addition, the supply of bisphenol A in the upstream tends to be tense, and the enthusiasm of the downstream factories to stock up slightly improved, but the downstream operators are still cautious and in a wait-and-see stage, taking the just-in-demand strategy as the main one. As of Thursday, the supply of low-priced PCs in China began to decrease, and some traders reacted to the warming of the trading atmosphere.

3. Future Market Forecast

Business PC analysts believe that in early September domestic PC upstream bisphenol A was boosted by the release of positive signals from raw materials, related to strengthening PC cost support. Downstream demand has improved slightly, and the purchase of stock is prudent. The domestic PC market is gradually entering a “golden nine silver ten” atmosphere, and the upstream raw material supply is tightening. It is expected that PC will continue to rise narrowly in the near future. It is suggested that close attention be paid to the domestic supply situation.


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