Small Price Finishing of Butadiene Market

Price Trend

Recently, the domestic butadiene market has been tidied up slightly. As of September 4, the price of butadiene was 10434 yuan/ton, rising by 12.59% annually and falling by 21.84% year-on-year, according to business association monitoring.

II. Analysis of Influencing Factors

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Product: The domestic butadiene market has risen slightly. Although the supplier’s price has not been significantly adjusted for the time being, some business offers are relatively firm, but the downstream inquiry intention is weak, and sporadic negotiations are mainly low-end. Fushun Petrochemical announced its export plan, together with a certain amount of other export manufacturers, the expected increase in market supply is obvious; however, the downstream rubber market is weak, some private enterprises parked, the supply and demand fundamentals weakened, and the business mentality is empty.

On the market side, the supply and demand of butadiene market in East China are weak. Although the spot resources are limited in the region, the downstream inquiry atmosphere is weak. The market atmosphere is cautious and bearish. The delivery price of high-grade products is tentatively referred to at around 10900-11000 yuan/ton, and they are discussed separately. The butadiene market in Shandong is weak, the spot resources in the region are relatively abundant, the prices of some export manufacturers are lower, and the downstream wait-and-see situation remains unchanged. The high-quality products of intermediaries are sent to the offer for reference of about 10400-10500 yuan/ton for discussion.

Installation: Yangtze Petrochemical 220,000 tons/year plant, 3 Jiutai, Inner Mongolia, operates at low load with a small amount of export. Puyang Bluestar 50,000 tons/year extraction unit operates steadily and is exported normally.

3. Future Market Forecast

Although the price in the north is slightly higher and slightly lower, the spot supply in the short-term East China market is tight, and there is no obvious expectation of expansion of the market supply. There is a certain consumption of domestic spot in the downstream. Business analysts expect that the short-term domestic butadiene market will be maintained and tidied up. They suggest that attention should be paid to the guidance of market turnover.

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