The market for cryolite has been running steadily this week (9.2-9.6)

Price Trend


According to the data of business associations, the price trend of cryolite market was stable this week, and the average price of cryolite market was stable at about 6333.33 yuan/ton during the week, down 3.62% from the same period last year. The Cryolite Commodity Index on September 6 was 76.92, which was unchanged from yesterday. It was 24.00% lower than the cyclical peak of 101.21 points (2011-10-31), and 15.93% higher than the lowest point of 66.35 on September 05, 2016. (Note: Period refers to 2011-09-01 to date)

II. Market Analysis

Products: Cryolite prices have been running steadily this week, and there is no obvious price adjustment for manufacturers. As of the 6th day, Zibo Kunyu industry and trade cryolite quoted 6500 yuan/ton; Changshu Hongjiafu Co., Ltd. cryolite quoted 7200 yuan/ton; Jiaozuo Minli industrial cryolite quoted 7000 yuan/ton; Zhengzhou Tianrui crystal technology cryolite quoted 6500 yuan/ton; Shandong Botao Group Co., Ltd. cryolite price 7000 yuan/ton, enterprise shipment smoothly, The deal is still acceptable.

sodium persulfate

Industry chain: This week, the price of fluorite in the upstream of cryolite slightly decreased. At the beginning of the week, the average price of domestic market was about 2981.25 yuan/ton. At the weekend, the average price of domestic market was about 2968.75 yuan/ton, a decline of 0.42%, an increase of 10.81% over the previous year. The price trend of fluorite in the upstream continued to decline, mainly due to the imbalance between domestic supply and demand. In recent years, the demand for fluorite in the downstream hydrofluoric acid and refrigerant industries has declined. At the end of the peak season of the refrigerant industry, the market of fluorite on-site is poor. In addition, the operating rate of fluorite devices on-site remains high, but the downstream demand situation is general. Spot supply of fluorite is abundant, and the price of fluorite on-site has a downward trend. As for downstream electrolytic aluminium, the price trend of aluminium rose slightly this week. At the beginning of the week, the price remained around 14310.00 yuan/ton, and at the end of the week, it was about 14413.33 yuan/ton, with a 0.72% rise.

Industry: According to the price monitoring of business associations, in the 35th week (9.2-9.6) of 2019, there were 31 kinds of commodities rising annually in the chemical sector, of which 8 commodities increased by more than 5%, accounting for 9.5% of the monitored commodities in the sector; the first three commodities were butanone (13.06%), yellow phosphorus (11.51%) and mixed xylene (8.50%). There are 21 kinds of commodities with a decline of more than 5%, accounting for 4.8% of the monitored commodities in this sector. The products with the first three declines are trichloromethane (-8.16%), lithium hydroxide (-6.14%) and lithium carbonate (-6.00%). This week’s average rise and fall was 0.61%.

3. Future Market Forecast

Analysts of cryolite products from business associations believe that the current multi-dimensional and stable quotations from cryolite manufacturers are the main ones. The equipment is running normally, the stock is sufficient, and the shipment is acceptable. The market of cryolite is expected to operate steadily in the later period, with specific attention to market demand.

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