China’s domestic MDI market remained stable on April 16

Price Trend

According to the price monitoring of business associations, as of April 16, the average price of domestic aggregated MDI market was 17925 yuan/ton, and the overall market price range was sorted out.

II. Market Analysis

Product: Domestic aggregated MDI market price continued last week’s disadvantaged range collation, trading is still not good. This week, the company’s guided price is stable, limited supply, Wanhua continues to offer a discount; the company’s cost support is strong, the agent’s quotation is high, the profitable price is positive and low, but the follow-up is weak. It is expected that this week’s market fluctuation will dominate, waiting for digestion and consolidation downstream. With the large-scale expansion of factory maintenance in the future, the supply of manufacturers will be tight, and the low-price supply downstream will gradually digest, and the price will still have an upward trend.

On the market side, South China has aggregated the weak price of MDI. On-site quotation is confused, agent quotation is high, middleman actively delivers goods, and transaction is general. Eastern China Polymerized MDI Price Disadvantaged Arrangement. Trading in the market is weak, on-site quotations are chaotic, profitable offers are active, downstream inquiries are prudent purchasing. The price of aggregated MDI in North China is weak. On-the-spot buying is flat, the traders follow the market to deliver goods, negotiate the shortage of turnover, and short-term boost factors are scarce.

Industry chain: raw materials, pure benzene: East China pure benzene prices continue to oscillate pattern, including spot selling 4350-4400 yuan/ton, purchasing 4420 yuan/ton in April, selling 4450 yuan/ton. May buy 4470 yuan / ton, sell 4560 yuan / ton. Purchase in June is 4480-4500 yuan/ton and sale is 4750-4620 yuan/ton. The pressure of picking up goods in the port area is high and the center of gravity is weak. Aniline: Shandong Jinling Dongying factory parked and repaired on Friday, and when the price fell earlier, it stimulated downstream demand and released the inventory of aniline enterprises. Over the weekend, Jinling led the market. At present, the aniline Market is stable. Shandong mainstream negotiation price reference 5820 yuan/ton acceptance. East China market refers to 6000-6200 yuan/ton acceptance.

3. Future Market Forecast

Business Cooperatives Viewpoint: Business Cooperatives aggregate MDI analysts predict that this week aggregate MDI market range shocks mainly, waiting for downstream digestion and consolidation. With the large-scale expansion of factory maintenance in the future, manufacturers’supply is tight, downstream low-price supply gradually digestion, prices are still on the upward trend.

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