Styrene prices fell this week (9.10-9.14)

First, the price trend

Styrene prices fell this week. According to business community data: this Monday (September 10) sample company price is 11729.17 yuan / ton, this Friday (September 14) sample business price at 11554.17 yuan / ton, a decrease of 1.49%, the price is lower than last year It rose by 2.81% over the same period.

Second, market analysis

Product: The styrene market fell this week. On September 10, East China styrene closed at 11,720-11,750 yuan / ton, September 13, 11580-11,630 yuan / ton, down 140 yuan / ton, the above is Zhangjiagang out of the tank price. On September 10, South China styrene closed at 11,900 yuan / ton, and on September 13, 11,850 yuan / ton, down 50 yuan / ton, the above factory sent the price. Daqing Petrochemical’s 230,000 tons/year plant stopped on July 23 and has restarted as planned. Styrene stocks have increased, trading volume is not high, and prices have fallen.

Industry chain: The price of pure benzene in the upstream fell. The price at the beginning of the week was 7255.25 yuan/ton, and the weekend was 7106.25 yuan/ton, a decrease of 2.07%. No styrene cost support was given. The downstream PS shock consolidation, EPS prices fell slightly, the downstream companies operating rates in general, on-demand procurement, styrene market fell.

Third, the market outlook

In the second half of the year, the domestic styrene plant restarted more, and was affected by the trade war. The business analysts thought that the styrene market was mainly consolidating, and it was not possible to rule out a small drop. The market should pay more attention to the market and the trend of the futures market

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