Russia’s exports of aluminum and copper increased from January to July, but nickel exports fell

Moscow, September 7th, data released by Russian customs show that Russia’s aluminum and copper exports increased from January to July 2018, but nickel exports fell.

sodium persulfate

The following is the Russian export details of aluminum, nickel and copper from January to July 2018 provided by the Customs Service of the Russian Federation:

January-July 2018 January-July 2017
Export volume (1000 tons) Export volume (million USD) Export volume (1000 tons) Export value (million USD)
Copper 380.0 2,537.3 316.6 1,798.8
Nickel 77.1 1,062.1 81.7 767.7
Aluminum 1,754.8 3,183.6 1,708.3 2,824.0

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