In early May, the phosphate ore market was consolidating at a high level

According to data monitoring by Business Society, as of May 15, 2024, the reference average price of 30% grade phosphate ore in China was around 1048 yuan/ton. Compared with the reference price of 1042 yuan/ton on May 5 and 1, the price increased by 6 yuan/ton, an increase of 0.58%.


From the commodity market analysis system of Shengyishe, it can be seen that in early May, the overall domestic phosphate ore market showed a slight increase and then remained stable and consolidated. In the first week after the holiday, the demand for phosphate ore in the terminal market has improved, and the enthusiasm for purchasing upstream raw materials has increased. The overall pace of phosphate ore shipments has been boosted, and the overall supply and demand in the market have improved. Some mining areas have a tight supply of phosphate ore, and the price of mid to high end phosphate ore has been raised by about 20 yuan/ton. Subsequently, the overall phosphorus ore market remained high and consolidated. As of May 15th, the domestic market price for 30 grade phosphate ore is around 1030-1100 yuan/ton. The specific price may vary depending on factors such as the original ore specifications and powder to block ratio, and the specific price needs to be negotiated based on actual orders.


Attached are the market prices of phosphate ore in some domestic regions (for reference only):


Product/ Region/ Taste/ Price/ Remarks/ Date

Phosphate ore/ Guizhou region/ 30 grade/ 1030-1100 yuan/ton/ Stable operation/ May 15th

Phosphate ore/ Guangxi region/ 30 grade/ 1050-1090 yuan/ton/ Organize and run/ May 15th

Phosphate ore/ Sichuan region/ 30 grade/ 1050-1080 yuan/ton/ Stable operation/ May 15th

Phosphate ore/ Yunnan region/ 30 grade/ 1050-1080 yuan/ton/ Stable operation/ May 15th

Phosphate ore/ Hubei region/ 30 grade/ 1070-1100 yuan/ton/ Stable operation/ May 15th


Downstream ammonium phosphate: In early May, the domestic ammonium phosphate market showed an overall upward trend. On May 14th, the reference average price of monoammonium phosphate in the domestic market was 2893 yuan/ton, an increase of 1.4% compared to May 1st (2853.33 yuan/ton). At present, the supply of monoammonium phosphate is tight, market demand is increasing, the trading atmosphere is good, and the market is operating at a high price.


Future analysis


At present, the inquiry atmosphere inside the phosphate ore field is mild, and some areas have a clear pace of phosphate ore shipments. The mentality of the industry is good. The phosphate ore data analyst of the Business Society believes that in the short term, the domestic phosphate ore market will mainly operate with stable and minor adjustments, and the specific trend still needs to pay more attention to the changes in supply and demand.

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