Insufficient cost support, with a 0.31% drop in the price of neopentyl glycol within the week

1、 Price trend


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The upstream cost support is insufficient, and the downstream paint demand is average. This week, the domestic market price of neopentyl glycol has slightly decreased. According to the Commodity Analysis System of Business Society, the average price of new pentanediol in the mainstream market in China dropped from 10666.67 yuan/ton at the beginning of the week to 10633.33 yuan/ton at the end of the week, a decrease of 0.31%, and the weekend price increased by 0.31% year-on-year.


2、 Market analysis


This week, new pentanediol enterprises started construction at a high level, and mainstream market prices slightly declined.


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From the upstream raw material market of neopentyl glycol, the domestic isobutyraldehyde market price has slightly declined this week. This week, the average price of isobutyraldehyde in the mainstream domestic market dropped from 9000 yuan/ton at the beginning of the week to 8766.67 yuan/ton over the weekend, a decrease of 2.59%, and the weekend price increased by 19.55% year-on-year. The upstream isobutyraldehyde has a weak center of gravity, with a slight decrease in market prices and insufficient cost support. Due to the impact of supply and demand, it has a negative impact on the price of new pentanediol. From the perspective of downstream demand, the recovery of the downstream paint industry is slow, and demand remains weak. The enterprise has a strong wait-and-see atmosphere, with a focus on essential procurement.


3、 Future prospects


In late March, the market trend of new pentanediol may experience a slight fluctuation and decline. The upstream isobutyraldehyde market has slightly declined, with insufficient cost support. The downstream paint market has a strong wait-and-see atmosphere, with enterprises mainly focusing on procurement for immediate needs. Business Society’s new pentanediol analyst believes that in the short term, the market for new pentanediol may experience slight fluctuations and declines due to various factors such as supply and demand and raw materials.

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