This week, the domestic first tier sponge titanium market operated steadily (3.11-3.14)

This week, the domestic first-class sponge titanium market operated steadily. According to the commodity market analysis system of Business Society, the domestic market price of first-class sponge titanium ranges from 53000 to 55000 yuan/ton. As of March 14th, the benchmark price of domestic first-class sponge titanium is 54000.00 yuan/ton. Compared to the beginning of the week, it remained unchanged.


Gamma Polyglutamic Acid

The upstream raw material magnesium market price has decreased this week. According to the data monitoring system of Business Society, as of March 14th, the benchmark price of magnesium in Business Society was 17900.00 yuan/ton, a decrease of -4.45% compared to the beginning of this week (18733.33 yuan/ton). The cost pressure on sponge titanium production enterprises has been reduced, but inventory is insufficient, and prices will continue to remain strong.


On the downstream side, the demand for titanium materials and the military industry market has increased, and sponge titanium is in a stable demand situation.


Late stage forecast: According to the analysis of the sponge titanium analyst at Business Society, the pressure on raw material costs has slowed down, downstream demand is stable, and sponge titanium production enterprises are in a pattern of both supply and demand. Due to factors such as insufficient inventory, it is expected that the sponge titanium market price will remain strong.

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