The domestic BDO market is on the sidelines

According to the Commodity Market Analysis System of the Business Society, the domestic BDO market is operating on a wait-and-see basis. From September 4th to 11th, the average price of domestic BDO remained at 11642 yuan/ton, an increase of 2.58% month on month and 9.45% year on year. The maintenance equipment has been restarted one after another, and the market supply has increased; However, the increase in demand downstream of the terminal is limited, the pressure on supply and demand increases, the intention of production enterprises to maintain prices continues, the negotiation game intensifies, and the overall market fluctuation is not significant.


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On the supply side, the devices have gradually restarted, the industry’s operating rate has significantly increased, and the positive support on the supply side has weakened, exacerbating the cautious wait-and-see sentiment on the market. There are currently no planned changes to other devices. The supply side of BDO is mixed.


Cost side, raw material calcium carbide: With the improvement of calcium carbide arrival, downstream demand is gradually increasing. In September, there have been new and resumed production of calcium carbide furnaces, and there are expectations of a continuous increase in supply. Recently, there has been a significant increase in inventory in the calcium carbide market, and the decline has begun. In terms of methanol, the domestic methanol market has been experiencing high volatility recently. As of 15:00 on September 11th, the domestic methanol Taicang price is 2510 yuan/ton. Recently, the market for calcium carbide and methanol has been at a high level, and the cost side of BDO is relatively favorable.


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On the demand side, except for the restart of maintenance equipment in the main PTMEG industry and the improvement of new production capacity, the performance of other downstream industries is average. And some downstream industries are in a state of loss, with poor transmission of cost pressure and weak acceptance of high prices. Short term bearish factors on the demand side of BDO.


In the future market forecast, although entering the traditional peak season, the increase in demand downstream of the terminal is not significant, and the contradiction between supply and demand is intensifying. BDO analysts from Business Society predict that the domestic BDO market may fluctuate and decline.

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