Narrow decline in cyclohexanone market

According to the Commodity Market Analysis System of Business Society, from August 28th to September 1st, the average market price of cyclohexanone in China dropped from 9700 yuan/ton to 9650 yuan/ton, with a decrease of 0.52% during the cycle and a year-on-year increase of 1.05% in price. The raw material pure benzene market continues to be high, and the cost pressure is on the high side, which has slightly reduced the impact on the operation of production enterprises’ devices. Downstream procurement is more on demand, with a market mentality of organizing and watching.


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On the cost side, the raw material pure benzene and the domestic pure benzene market continue to be on the high side. The rise in crude oil has boosted market confidence, and the Shandong refinery’s quotation has steadily risen. Downstream and traders have actively followed suit within the day, and the transaction is still acceptable. In the cost composition of the traditional cyclohexanone process route, pure benzene accounts for 53%. The market trend of pure benzene directly affects the price of cyclohexanone, and the short-term cost of cyclohexanone is influenced by positive factors.


On the supply side, according to the Commodity Market Analysis System of Business Society, the domestic production capacity of cyclohexanone is about 6.55 million tons, and the current operating load is around 60%, which is at a relatively low level. The main production enterprises have limited product supply due to device maintenance. The short-term supply of cyclohexanone is influenced by positive factors.


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On the demand side, cyclohexanone units are mainly equipped with downstream caprolactam production, and caprolactam is one of the main downstream sources of cyclohexanone. The caprolactam market is undergoing consolidation and operation, with downstream procurement on demand, and the price center is temporarily stable. The demand side for cyclohexanone is temporarily bearish.


In the future market forecast, from a cost perspective, the raw material prices are high and the cost pressure will not decrease. The supply and demand game of cyclohexanone commodity volume is predicted by cyclohexanone analysts from Business Society. In the short term, the domestic cyclohexanone market will mainly consolidate.

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