Yellow phosphorus market price rose this week (5.18-5.25)

1、 Price trend


gamma polyglutamic acid fertiliser(fertilizer) grade

According to the monitoring of the commodity market analysis system of the business community, the price of Yunnan Guizhou yellow phosphorus market this week has an upward focus. The average price of yellow phosphorus last Thursday was 20000 yuan/ton, and this Thursday was 20900 yuan/ton. The price has increased by 4.5% within the week.


2、 Market analysis


This week, the price of Yunnan Guizhou yellow phosphorus market stopped falling and picked up, with the market price focus rising. At present, the overall market trading situation of yellow phosphorus is still average, and the price of yellow phosphorus in the market is tentatively increasing. The cost pressure of yellow phosphorus manufacturers is relatively high, and the price is mainly high. We will not provide external quotations for the time being, and will discuss the actual order in detail. Downstream procurement is relatively cautious. As of now, the mainstream market quotation is around 20800-21000 yuan/ton, and the actual transaction is negotiable.


In terms of phosphate ore, the domestic phosphate ore market has been declining this week. As of May 19, 2023, the reference average price of 30% grade phosphate ore in China last Thursday was 1066 yuan/ton, while this Thursday’s average price was 1030 yuan/ton. The price was reduced by 3.38% during the week. At present, the trading atmosphere inside the phosphate ore field is light, and the mentality of the industry is average. The overall domestic phosphate ore market is weak and declining, and the market focus is generally downward.


In terms of coke, according to the commodity market analysis system of Business Society, the average market price of coke this week was 1846 yuan/ton. The coke market is currently operating steadily, with some companies increasing their prices, but downstream companies have not responded yet. At present, the construction of coking enterprises has declined, and some enterprises have increased their reluctance to sell. Downstream steel mills have slightly recovered their procurement.


Gamma Polyglutamic Acid

As for phosphoric acid, the price of phosphoric acid market rose sharply this week. Last Thursday, the average price of phosphoric acid was 5890 yuan/ton, while this Thursday’s average price was 5910 yuan/ton. During the week, the price increased by 0.34%. At present, the demand in the phosphoric acid market is average, with phosphoric acid enterprises mainly operating at high prices, and market trading is still relatively light. It is expected that the price of phosphoric acid market will fluctuate slightly in the short term.


3、 Future Market Forecast


Yellow phosphorus analysts from the Chemical Branch of the Business Society believe that currently, upstream phosphate rock prices are downward, coke prices are temporarily stable, and cost support is average. The downstream phosphoric acid market rebounded and increased, but market trading remained relatively light. Overall, the upstream and downstream markets are showing a cautious wait-and-see trend. It is expected that in the short term, yellow phosphorus prices will mainly increase, and attention will be paid to changes in the news.

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