Domestic MIBK market price rises

The focus of MIBK market rebounded during the week. According to the market analysis system of the business community, as of May 19, the market price in East China was 12100-12400 yuan/ton, up 500-700 yuan/ton during the week, up 5.75%


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The decline in operating rates has boosted the market’s upward trend.


During the week, the industry’s operating rate declined, and companies had a positive attitude, driving up prices.


Long term decline, low inventory of manufacturers, and limited trading resources for traders.


The MIBK market has entered a downward trend since early February, bottoming out in May and falling to 11500-11600 yuan/ton. Manufacturers are clearing inventory at low prices, reducing pressure, and traders are also actively shipping. The mentality of enterprises has improved, and prices have been pushed up.


The terminal just needs to follow up, and the procurement pace has not significantly improved, but the market has widened and there is a mentality of speculation in the market.


During the week, the MIBK market was on the rise, with a tight supply of spot resources. Sellers still had a competitive attitude, and previously, traders had high inventory costs for imported resources and had little intention of lowering prices. However, terminal demand remained the main focus, with limited future growth. The focus is on downstream procurement.

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