The n-propanol market fluctuated in the first ten days of March (3.1-3.10)

According to the price monitoring data of the Business Agency, as of March 10, 2023, the price of domestic n-propanol was referenced at 8000 yuan/ton, which was basically the same as that of March 1, 2023.


Gamma Polyglutamic Acid

It can be seen from the data monitoring chart of the business agency that in the first ten days of March (3.1-3.10), the overall range of the domestic n-propanol market was dominated by small fluctuations. Recently, the supply and demand information of n-propanol in the market changed little. The market price of n-propanol in Shandong Province was mostly adjusted by suppliers in a narrow range according to their own inventory and other factors, with an adjustment range of around 100 yuan/ton. As of March 10, the market price of n-propanol in Shandong Province was around 7400-7600 yuan/ton, and the barrel price was around 9000 yuan/ton. Dealers in different regions have reservations about the price, and the price is not easy to monitor, which may lead to differences in the specific negotiation situation. There are also differences in each region, and the negotiation is based on the actual order.


Prediction of future trend of n-propanol


At present, the trading atmosphere of n-propanol on the market is mild, the downstream demand is relatively stable, and the operators are in a good mood. The n-propanol statistician of the business agency believes that in the short term, the domestic n-propanol market is mostly stable, and the specific trend needs to pay more attention to the changes in the information on the supply and demand side.

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