In mid May, EVA market rose first and then stabilized

In mid May, the domestic EVA market first opened and then stabilized. According to the monitoring data of business agency, the average ex factory price of domestic EVA was 23166.67 yuan / ton on May 1 and 24233.33 yuan / ton on May 9, with an increase of 4.60% and 18.40% compared with the same period last year.


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As of May 18, the ex factory quotation of EVA is as follows:


Products, manufactor., model., Ex factory price

EVA., yanshan petrochemical ., 18J3 ., 25000 yuan / ton

EVA., Beijing Organic, Y2022 ., 22000 yuan / ton

EVA., BASF Yangzi, V5110J., 26200 yuan / ton

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In mid May, the domestic EVA market price rose first and then remained stable. The current price is relatively strong, and the ex factory quotation of petrochemical enterprises has not changed significantly. Last week, driven by the rise in the price of photovoltaic materials, the offers in the spot market rose one after another, with an obvious range. However, due to the strong rise, the downstream has limited ability to accept high prices, and the mentality is more cautious. Most of them just need to make up, the market transaction atmosphere is poor, the market continues to rise, the power is insufficient, and the price stabilizes.


On the whole, the international crude oil fluctuated and rose, which brought some support to the market in terms of cost. However, the current price is relatively high, the downstream has limited ability to accept high prices, poor enthusiasm for entering the market, and the overall trading atmosphere of the market is general, which has brought some restraint to the rising market. It is expected that the EVA market may weaken in the short term.

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