The supply is tight, and the POM price has risen at a high level

Price trend

Gamma Polyglutamic Acid

According to the bulk list data of business society, the domestic POM market has strengthened recently, and the spot price has increased at a high level. As of October 21, the average offer price of POM injection molding sample enterprises of business society was about 19700 yuan / ton, with an increase or decrease of + 3.14% compared with the average price at the beginning of the month.

Cause analysis

Industrial chain: at present, in the upstream methanol spot market, the northwest olefin factory sells methanol away, the supply of goods increases, the mentality of some production enterprises in the main production area weakens, and the price decreases. Coal continued to rise, cost support continued to strengthen, supply side increased, but downstream demand weakened. Methanol was mainly downward in short-term shock. Poor support. The demand of downstream plate factories was general, the procurement maintained rigid demand, and the formaldehyde market fell.

The upstream formaldehyde is weak, and the cost side support of POM is general. In terms of industry load, there are still some maintenance production lines of polymerization plants that fail to produce, the operating rate is not high, and the market supply has not improved much. There is a tight supply of goods in the site, and there are advantages at the POM supply end. Tianye Chemical M90 quoted a reference price of about 18400 yuan / ton for negotiation. The ex factory reference price of Yuntianhua M90 is about 19300 yuan / ton, which is subject to firm negotiation. Shenhuaning coal mc90 is quoted at a reference price of about 19100 yuan / ton, with cash withdrawal. The reference price of Tianye Chemical is about 19800 yuan / ton. The ex factory reference price of Yuntianhua M90 is about 20000 yuan / ton, which is subject to firm negotiation. The merchant’s inventory position is not high. Try to make a high offer. The downstream feedback on the high price supply after the rise is general.

Future forecast

Business analysts believe that: the high level of domestic POM market has risen, the high level of upstream formaldehyde price has been corrected, and the cost support of POM has weakened. The on-site supply is low, and the supply side is good. In terms of demand, the current terminal enterprises just need to receive goods normally, but the delivery and trading of high price goods on the site is poor. It is expected that the POM market may still rise slightly in the short term.

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