The aluminum fluoride market remained stable this week

Aluminum fluoride market stabilizes

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The price of aluminum fluoride was stable this week, and the rainstorm failed to arouse the waves of aluminum fluoride Market. According to the data of business agency, the domestic price of aluminum fluoride was 8500.00 yuan / ton on July 26, which was stable compared with 8500 yuan / ton on July 19 at the beginning of the week. The aluminum fluoride market is calm this week.

Electrolytic aluminum price shock adjustment

According to the monitoring of the business community, the price of electrolytic aluminum was adjusted this week, the export increased year-on-year, the overseas demand increased, the market supply was tight, the state threw and stored aluminum ingots, and the shortage of aluminum ingot supply was alleviated. Electrolytic aluminum market remained stable in the future.

As can be seen from the trend chart of aluminum fluoride industry chain, the upstream market of aluminum fluoride is stable this week, the cost of aluminum fluoride is temporarily stable, the downstream aluminum price is stable, the aluminum ingot Market is declining, and the price of aluminum fluoride is stable.

Market overview and forecast

The aluminum fluoride industry analyst of business agency believes that the heavy rain in Henan this week has an impact on the transportation of aluminum fluoride, the aluminum fluoride market is positive, the downstream aluminum ingot price fluctuates and falls, and the aluminum fluoride market is negative. Overall, the aluminum fluoride market was mixed, and the aluminum fluoride market remained stable in the future.

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