China’s domestic phosphate rock prices remained high and stable this week (5.10-5.14)

According to the data monitoring of business news agency, as of May 14, the reference average price of 30% grade phosphate ore in mainstream areas in China was around 500 yuan / ton, which was basically the same as that on May 7. Compared with that on May 1, the average price increased by 20 yuan / ton, or 4.17%, and compared with that on April 1 (the reference average price of phosphate rock was 446 yuan / ton), the average price increased by 54 yuan / ton, or 11.94%.

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At the beginning of May, after the holiday, the domestic phosphorus ore mining enterprises in Guizhou raised the price of primary and high-end grade phosphorus ore again, with a large increase range of 10-50 yuan / ton. Then, the price of 30% grade phosphorus ore high-end vehicle plate in Guizhou increased to 480 yuan / ton, and the price of 28% grade phosphorus ore high-end vehicle plate also increased to 420 yuan / ton.

This week, the domestic phosphorus ore overall high stable operation

As of May 14, the market reference price of 30% grade phosphate ore in Guizhou is around 410-480 yuan / T, of which, the price of Xifeng phosphate ore in Guizhou is 300000 tons / year, and the price of 30% grade phosphate ore is 410 yuan / T, The reference price of 30% grade original car plate of Kailin in Guizhou is 440 yuan / ton. In Hubei area, Liushugou, Hubei Province, the price of 30% grade high phosphorus and low magnesium ore is 520 yuan / ton. In Sichuan area, the 30% grade phosphate concentrate in Mabian County of Sichuan Province is about 370-390 yuan / ton according to the shipping price in the county.

In terms of downstream yellow phosphorus, the yellow phosphorus market is affected by Yunnan power rationing and Guizhou Longma plant’s shutdown and outward mining. The on-site supply is tight, the market is high and stable, and the low-end price is hard to find. At present, the factory acceptance transaction reference price of Yunnan Net phosphorus is 17200-17400 yuan / ton. Phosphoric acid market is stable for the time being, continue to wait and see the trend of raw materials.

Phosphorus ore market trading stable, short term will continue to high consolidation operation

At present, the overall quotation of domestic phosphorus ore market is in the high consolidation stage, and the market transaction is relatively stable. I heard that the downstream purchase orders of yellow phosphorus products increase, which may give support to the phosphorus ore market. Therefore, the phosphorus ore analysts of the business community believe that in the short term, China’s phosphorus ore market will continue to be consolidated at a high level.

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