After the festival, the market of orthobenzene fell and then remained stable

1、 Price trend:


According to the data monitoring of business agency, the quotation of o-benzol Sinopec contract remained stable after the festival. Executed contract price of o-xylene Sinopec as of May 18 four thousand Yuan / ton, compared with the price of benzene at the beginning of the month four thousand and two hundred Yuan / ton price down 4.76% 。 Prices are down from the same period last year 37.50% 。 Ortho benzene market remained stable after falling.


2、 Market analysis:


Crude oil market rebounded sharply


After the festival, the crude oil market recovered and the crude oil price rose sharply; as of May 18, the price of wit crude oil rose in May 49.24% ; Brent crude oil price rose in May 22.92% 。 The sharp rise in international crude oil price is good for domestic crude oil market, the rise in the cost of mixed xylene, the rise in the cost of raw materials for o-benzene and the good for o-benzene market.


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Trend of o-benzene industry chain


According to the rise and fall chart of o-benzene industry chain in May, the price of o-benzene raw material mixed xylene rose first and then fell after the festival, and the cost of o-benzene rose in shock; the price of o-benzene fell and then remained stable. In general, the market of ortho benzene has limited positive effects, and the downward pressure of ortho benzene still has a strong upward momentum.


3、 Future forecast:


According to Bai Jiaxin, data analyst of o-xylene of the business association, after the festival, the price of o-xylene raw materials rose, the cost of o-xylene rose, and the growth momentum of o-xylene was strong; for the downstream, although domestic demand recovered, the growth momentum of o-xylene increased. Generally speaking, the good and bad situation of ortho benzene market still exists, and the rising momentum of ortho benzene Market in the future is greater.

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