EPS market was supported and prices rose

1、 Price trend


At the beginning of this week, EPS price was 9075 yuan / ton, and at the end of this week, EPS price was 9087 yuan / ton, with a slight increase of 0.14%. The market was more volatile, and the transaction turned better. Traders and downstream factories have increased their enthusiasm for receiving goods, mainly focusing on market transactions.


2、 Market analysis


sodium persulfate

EPS Market: EPS market price rises, Wuxi Xingda EPS factory price, ordinary material price is 9000 yuan / ton. The ex factory price of Dongying Hairong EPS is 9050 yuan / ton for common materials. The ex factory price of Jiangyin Hupao EPS is 9100 yuan / ton for common materials.


3、 Future forecast


The enthusiasm of EPS downstream plants to receive goods has improved, and the market price has been supported. It is expected that the EPS market will be mainly in shock consolidation in the short term.


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