Low focus of negotiation on weak operation of BPA market in China

I. price trend


According to the data monitored by the business agency, on November 27, the comprehensive price of BPA was 9833.33 yuan / ton, which was just needed to be purchased in the downstream, with general volume and low negotiation focus.


II. Cause analysis


sodium persulfate

Products: the domestic BPA market maintains a weak operation. At the end of the month, some manufacturers are actively shipping, giving way to profits and taking orders. The inventory is limited, and the focus of negotiation keeps falling. As of November 27, the price of lihuayi Weiyuan BPA is 9500 yuan / ton. The BPA market in East China is weak and volatile, with weak demand follow-up, 9500 yuan / ton, 10000 yuan / ton in South China and 9500 yuan / ton in North China.


Industry chain: the downstream epoxy resin (epoxy) plant is not fully started, and the downstream PC (polycarbonate) is in a weak shock for a short time. The dual downstream supplies and maintains rigid demand for raw materials, and the domestic BPA units are in normal operation. The supply and demand fundamentals are weak, and the short-term market is difficult to rebound. However, the upstream acetone price is rising rapidly, and the cost surface has some support.


III. future forecast


BPA analysts believe that the market is mainly weak and volatile in the short term.


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