On November 25, China’s domestic p-xylene price trend was temporarily stable

On November 25, the PX commodity index was 54.40, unchanged from yesterday, down 46.88% from 102.40 (2013-02-28), the highest point in the cycle, and up 19.43% from 45.55, the lowest point on February 15, 2016. (Note: cycle refers to 2013-02-01 to now).


sodium persulfate

According to statistics, on the 25th, the domestic market price trend of p-xylene was temporarily stable, the operation of new 600000 ton plant in Hongrun was stable, the operation of petrochemical plant in Pengzhou was stable, 50% of petrochemical plant in Urumqi was started, one line of aromatics plant in Fuhai Chuang was started, CNOOC Huizhou refining and chemical plant was overhauled, the PX plant in Hengli Petrochemical was put into operation, and other units were temporarily stable. As the new plant was put into operation, the domestic The market supply of xylene is normal, and the market price trend of p-xylene is stable temporarily. The operating rate of PX plant in Asia is about 80%. On November 22, the closing price of PX market in Asia increased by 5 US dollars / ton, and the closing price was 773-775 US dollars / ton fob in South Korea and 794-796 US dollars / ton CFR in China. More than 50% of domestic PX plant needs to be imported. The rise of external market price has a certain positive impact on the domestic PX market price, but the domestic market price trend is temporarily stable.


On November 22, WTI crude oil futures market in the United States fell to $57.77/barrel, or $0.81, while Brent crude oil futures fell to $63.39/barrel, or $0.58. Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that Russia and OPEC have a common goal, namely, to maintain the balance and predictability of the oil market, and Russia will continue to work under the global production reduction agreement In October, Russia cut its oil production from 11.25 million B / D in September to 11.23 million B / D, but still higher than the 11.17-11.18 million B / D ceiling set by existing global agreements. Crude oil price is lower, which has lost certain cost support for petrochemical products, and domestic p-xylene price trend is stable. In recent years, the textile industry is in a volatile market, the PTA Market operating rate is rising, and the PTA price trend is slightly rising. The average price of the offer in East China is around 4800-4900 yuan / ton. As of the 22nd day, the domestic PTA operating rate is about 92.5%, and the polyester industry operating rate is about 87.5%. Due to the sufficient supply in PTA field and the general trading atmosphere, the purchase is dominated by traders, followed up by sporadic polyester factories, and affected by the original oil price The price of PTA in the downstream market remains low due to grid shock. It is expected that the PX market price will maintain 6800 yuan / ton in the short term.


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